Mothersday sounds like this…

It was a cold start, Simon turning up for his first outing of the year. (dam you snow). His sanity was questioned because this started out to be a 55mile run and he had not had his leg over his bike since December.

Anyway, like I said it was cold on the front of our mini pelaton, all the way to Meigle. Just as we rounded the corner at the top of Meigle, the wheel suckers were wondering how I would take it if they stole the 30’s. I never gave them the chance and raced Simon. I won. After Meigle Alan and Bill took to the front and we pressed on for Glamis. At Glamis our average speed was over 18 mph. (this is a disaster as I know I will not have anything left for the homebound climbs). We start our descent towards Douglastown. A deer, jumps across the road in front of us – not that close. Bill starts fiddling with his butt… his package has come loose again. Stopping in Douglastown Bill adjusts his wee saddle bag and we are off again. On reaching Whigstreet, Bill exclaims “OH its the name of the place!!!”. History lesson: Whigstreet woods has a roman fort in it. It was used by the Danes when they had a wee rest after sacking Montrose and Brechin.

The next bit is off highlighter and a bit narrow.  On rejoining the “main” road we start to climb. Alan is toiling due to all his offroading yesterday, I am just toiling! Bill and Simon wait at Luckyslap for a regroup – they have no clue as to where they are going.

We are descending towards Wellbank. For some inexplicable reason Bill slows up (map confusion I think). I on the other hand have spent the last 200yds building up a head of steam to take the 30’s. I crash past Bill, going quite fast… train like, his water bottle gets sucked out of his hand by the draft created. (nah not really) My second 30 of the day (and as it would turn out, my last)

Kellas next and the three leaders are gearing up for the 30’s… With a curse and a look of dejection Bill let’s the other two fight it out…while he clips his foot back in.

BroughtyFerry now and we opt for the cycle path to Dundee.  Simon punctures, Alan disappears in to the distance. Alan we need your thumbs! This leaves Simon to be hobbled by the tyre changing abilities of Bill and I. Bill put the tyre back on… you know that last wee hard bit. All fixed we follow the path to the Port Authority and opt to go up on to the proper road… no sign of Alan.  Back on the cycle path we follow the diversions past the new V&A building and head for the very welcome bacon roll and cup of tea near the airport.

Alan is waiting for us at the railway carriage, three cups of tea, two bacon rolls and a bit bun just being scoffed. We order, eat and set off again. Opting once more for the cycle path. We lose the path at the Marmalade Pot. Alan, Simon and I go for a wee bit of off roading to get back on track. Bill doubles back and locates the path… it wasn’t hard.

Going past the dump, Bill is making some very odd noises. ting! ting! ting!… ah its a bell and he is trying to get the dog walker out the way. she moves her substantial self over a bit to allow us through.

Invergowrie now,  and I have to say i am flagging a wee bit. We get to the rail crossing and debate Knapp or Abernyte (I should have gone for a Knapp). Bill is making train noises now – is there no start to his auditory talents! Abernyte it is, this is virgin territory for Simon: he has no clue what is ahead. I on the other hand I know exactly what lies ahead. We regroup at  the Inchture services (lol).

Everybody else climbs up to Abernyte, I toil. This is what I do on hills. Nearly home now and the descent of Ballo commences. I have not seen anybody since the Abernyte toil. I get home with 55.6 miles on the clock, Simon is packed up and ready for home. I go for Whitelea Road to round off the day.

Whitelea road is a very busy place, Bill whizzes back towards the village, Alan is gassing to the some bikeless people (Suzanne and Keith) and I press on. Alan catches me up and we go out past the cross roads to Whitefields, just to make sure the trips turn 60 on the way back.

With the trip over 60 and my legs feeling heavy, I am home.


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3 Responses to Mothersday sounds like this…

  1. David says:

    Not fancying the Abernyte Ballo ending to the planned run an alternative run to Loch Leven was organised with John and I arranging to meet at the South Inch. We should really have confirmed exactly where at the Inch we were to meet as I was stood at one entrance wondering where John was and he was at a different entrance wondering if I had woosed out. Thankfully for mobile phones we met up. The Bein Inn is further up the Glen than you think. The pace up the glen seemed to be good until a solo cyclist flew passed us. We never saw him again! On to Milnathort and Kinross with no excitement. Another long road is the section from Kinross to the Vane Farm turn. Just before Vane Farm we stop. My lugs were getting cold so we stopped so I could adjust my buff and while we there inhale a krispie bar. Various boy racers sped past making noises that these little cars shouldn’t really be making. We pass the airfield and watch a glider take off and land while we debate if they are launched by winch or plane. How to head home is the next discussion, the answer is decided as Glenlomond Gateside and back to the Bein Inn. This last part is “off-Highlighter” for me. It’s chuffing cold. John remarks that he was colder than he would have liked. Down the glen and the smell of Bacon rolls is drawing us to the Brig Farm shop. It’s amazing how close cars want to get to us on empty roads. John voiced his thoughts at them once or twice. The Bacon roll and a brew helps thaw us out. Up over Friarton and another car wants to get close to us. John peels off home along the harbour and I have a brain lapse and instead of trundling a sensible route through Craigie I turn left up the Craigie Glens. Gleneagles Road is fine but once it becomes Glen Devon that’s the “fun” part. The icing on the cake is as always Oakbank. 46 miles and no feelings of wanting to wave at my breakfast like last week so all is improving

  2. Simon Evans says:

    Having finally managed to get my leg over,what a good run to start my year off, but it was a wee bit knackering to sat the least !! Lost all feeling in my feet pretty much before we got to Coupar Angus, but otherwise not too bad considering how freezing it was. Thank you to ABA for allowing me my three 30’s, as well as the patience shown whilst I somewhat struggled with the puncture !! Me thinks me must practice some more !! Bacon roll was bloody good, drag up Abernyte not quite so enjoyable, I can understand your sensible view on that Dave ! On wards and upwards to next week….where to though ? and I’ll try and remember some pheasants for you all.

  3. Alan says:

    Yes, legs were a bit stiff after 23 miles up and down Cathkin Braes. Mountain biking completely different from road, enjoy both. Was going to head out but have become a dry weather biker today! as I am taking Michael up Kinnoull hill tonight. See you all next week.

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