The Year Marches on… Sunday 8th

UPDATE: Start 8am meet at War Memorial 8:45… if you are early you might be able to scam some Buckfast from the locals 🙂

Wind direction is South Westerly… so thats the way we will be heading (roughly).

Start T&P at 8:30 head to Kinnochtry, Kinrossie, Thorngreen Road, Balbeggie, Murrayshall, Perth, The North Inch, Luncarty, Stanley. Murthly, Caputh, Palace Road, Blairgowrie, Alyth, Shanzie, The 8 mile Road, Meigle, Newtyle, The Kaisers, Campmuir, Woodside and back to the Garage.

Distance is about 55 miles, undulating rather than lumpy!

As ever weather permitting 🙂

Perthites could meet at the War Memorial 🙂


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7 Responses to The Year Marches on… Sunday 8th

  1. David says:

    What time at the War Memorial? WP!

  2. spokeclinic says:

    9:10 ish … not sure how long it took AM and i to get there last week

  3. Working this weekend so might tag along for a little while, but that’s work permitting!!!

  4. Alan says:

    Good for me, happy to leave at 8am if that suits everyone as I am working, will probably leave you all at Blairgowrie. Meet at War Memorial at 9 am.

  5. spokeclinic says:

    An appealing sort of day…
    It started as planned at 8 heading into the wind (even if we were down on numbers). Alan and I pushing into the wind all the way to Murrayshall, where the wind contained some moisture. We met the Perthites at the War Memorial and set off along the banks of the rather high river Tay. the under passes were more suited to canoes. We had to detour through Muirton to go along the Dunkeld road and round the Inveralmond roundabout. From there we pushed over the old bridge and crossed the A9… never a good thing to do. Luncarty now and the weather is improving all the time (apart from the wind).
    We got to Stanley and had a wee regroup… we waved at cars, we waved at bikes and Dave waved at nausea. Together we set off for Murthly. Dave not that happy I have to say, but he bravely soldiered on – I suspect fearful of what this blog entry might say… as if!
    Anyway, we reach Caputh and then Spittlefield – as you have probably guessed this run is wildly uneventful. Shortly after Spittlefield Dave and John peel off going for Meikleour and Alan and I head for Blairgowrie (this wee bit is off highlighter)… shock horror a huge pickup with Knoxfield written on it trundles past and gives us a wee hoot of the horn … nice to be recognised. This road goes through a stone circle. I mean right through the middle of the stone circle!
    Blairgowrie now and Alan peels off, he has to work or something 🙂
    I head for Alyth and Shanzie. I stop in Shanzie, or rather at Shanzie… it is only an Ironage dwelling and a farm (picture on Strava).
    Heading home now I drop down on to the 8 mile road and into the wind. Almost at Meigle I make a judgement call not to stop for a scone as there is a bit of moisture in the air… this non-stop strategy was a mistake as when I was leaving Newtyle, I had to stop for a wee oaty bar and the rest of my bottle… the last few miles home are a head wind slog… tune in next week for where we will be going 🙂

    • David says:

      The first road run since January and recovering from a chest infection were all going to make today “interesting” and kill or cure. I maybe pushed it a bit too much to start such that by Stanley I was suffering. Lack of fitness was really really showing. Thought about turning back after nearly seeing my breakfast cereal again but rallied and decided to push on and turn along to Ballathie then was still feeling ok so carried into Murthley and somehow sneaked or was gifted the 30!! The lungs did not like the wee climb at Caputh! Onto Spittalfield and John and I carried onto Meiklour while Andrew and Allan headed to Lethedy and Blair before further delights. The drag to Meiklour is further than I remember. I hope John was joking when he suggested Bursie but I just about had the energy to laugh and carry straight on. Unlike Andrew i had no spare energy to even think about photos. All peripheral systems were shutdown to conserve all spare energy. A breather at Guildtown was needed as weariness was setting in. John was fine. The wind picked up and my pace dropped, the prospect of Glasgow road followed by Oakbank was looming and I was dreading John must have read my mind and offered me a lift across town. I was still wanting to continue but by Quarrymill the offer was accepted. Thanks John. Body now aches but lungs survived and very glad I pushed on beyond Stanley.

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