We took it easy on the outbound, hovering around the 20mph mark. The roads were damp and mucky… I got a bit splattered when I was intouch with our band of four.  The sanity of this route was being questioned…  My answer was “because I need to do this” Etape Loch Ness is not that far away. AM and LK peeled off at the top of Lintrathen Loch, leaving BP and I to complete the whole route. Spotting Side roads to be explored/ignored. We roll into Kirriemuir and I noticed we only went through a forty. There has to be a thirty soon.. I spotted it, BP hadn’t..  Closer, closer… Then I went for it… With a fading cry from BP of “b@stard ” I claimed my only trophy of the day.  Heading for Meigle now and the reason for the 20mph speed earlier…  a headwind. A headwind along the 8 mile road.. At the Meigle coffee shop now… Tea and Scones were good… Paid the 20p extra for the premium cherry and coconut version… Braw:-)
The run had a we detour to extend the run- just what I needed 🙂
Home now from a hard but good run… With lots of ideas for the coming weeks. I drank my entire bottle of water when I was putting my bike away- why? Because I left it at home 🙂


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2 Responses to B’stard

  1. Alan says:

    Enjoyed the run, just great to get out on the road bike. Would have loved a scone at Meigle but had to make do with toast and tea at work.

  2. Simon Evans says:

    Really sorry to miss out again……can’t wait for the snow to go !!!!

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