Sunday 8th February – A road run…

With the wind coming from the West and the temperature not very high, I thought for a change we would go up towards Loch of Lintrathen, and on to Kirremuir before dropping back down to Meigle and going home probably via Newtyle.

Run length is 44miles (ish) and the start time is 08:30 from Thomson and Potter.

Route details: Main  road to Meigle, up to the 5-ways at Alyth, up the Glen Isla Road. Taking a left after Peel Farm you follow this small road for about 1.5 miles until you turn right on to the B951 heading for Kirkton of Kingoldrum  and Kirriemuir.  Leaving Kirriemuir and going past the moon we head towards Glamis. Its a right now on to the improbable 8 mile road and on to Meigle’s Joinery Cafe for scones and tea. Refreshed its Newtyle next and home via Kettins… Unless we are all feeling suitable fresh, then there are detours to take before getting back to Thomson and Potter.

As ever the route is subject to change without (much) warning – you know that “lets go up that road” call!

And finally the route is of course weather permitting 🙂


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3 Responses to Sunday 8th February – A road run…

  1. Alan says:

    Good for me, weather looks to be okay 1 degree to start off but with sunshine.
    Working at 12 so will probably head home from Kirriemuir.

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