No Country for Old Men – I see no LandRover Track

And so it came to be that today was MTB day. It should have been 5 go mad in the Hills but one of our number had technical issues with broken tyre valve and no spare so only 4 of us set off with chilly extremities. The ride got off to a good start,well, as good as any start up Ballo can be as we turned in at the bottom gate and didn’t have to slog up the road any further. Interestingly once off the tarmac the pedalling seemed easier. Up we went over the icy patches and brushing past the broom and gorse. This being Andrew’s playground he was setting the directions. Our target was the wind farm well less of a farm and more like just 2 turbines on their own. Up through the trees and over the snow we went. Magnificent scenery all the way up. If you remember the story of the Emperors New Clothes and how he was conned into believing something that didn’t exist did well whoever sold him the clothes also sold him a special Land Rover and he drove it about up Hallyburton then they told Andrew about the special Land Rover tracks. So from the wind turbines we believed Andrew when he said there were tracks just over the fence. Bill and i were doubtful and Allan reckoned he knew the way! Over the fence we went. NO TRACKS. Across the heather and tussocks we pushed and carried our bikes. I’m not sure which was making more squeaking noises our bikes or Bill and I. Re grouping we did wonder if anyone wanted to go get the toys that had been thrown out of the prams πŸ™‚ Now it was downhill heading for the Kaisers on more Land Rover tracks. We were allowed about 400m of tarmac Then it was disused railways tracks at least they existed πŸ™‚ Through the woods and we went and then down the road yes the road to Meigle and recover tea and scones. After recovery it was back toward Belmont and back on track well disused railways ones. Then a short hop from Ardler back home. Cracking day just wish i had brought the video camera.

Monday Update. The LandRover Tracks appear to resemble Nazca Lines except more overgrown from when the photo was taken πŸ™‚

Landrover Tracks

Landrover Tracks

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6 Responses to No Country for Old Men – I see no LandRover Track

  1. spokeclinic says:

    The way I saw this run, was slightly different: I offered the assembled MTBers multiple opportunities to back out as I pointed at lines in the heather, a sort of Perthshires equivalent of the Nazca lines if you like. Anyway,we set off over the ditch and fence and 20m of very springy heather. We are now on these parallel lines that would lead us over the hill side and through some frozen boggy bits. We regrouped just below the “lonesome pine” … it’s a larch by the way. I pointed to many more lines in the vista. We headed down hill at varying speeds. Alan, well known for his sense of direction, lead the way and was being track-finder and deer chaser. We followed Alan, through gates and woods all the way to the Newtyle railway track. Bill and Dave were heard letting out a sigh of relief as we crossed the railway bridge – little did they know that bit of glimpsed tarmac would be ignored in favour of more narrow tracks. The narrow tracks end and we are on tarmac. This 400m of road was just too smooth. Just as Bill was extolling the virtues of tarmac, we went left into the woods again – it’s funny!
    Back on the road now at the Belmont Arms, Bill gets over excited and takes off for the 30’s – maybe it was to stop us leading him off road again or he was trying to up his average speed πŸ™‚ Anyway he claimed the Meigle 30’s. At the Meigle Joinery Coffee shop now, we scoff scones and drink drinks – making conversation with some other cyclists… who were on salted roads for their entire journeys… Bill was green.
    On the home ward leg now, the Ardler rail track is as rough as a boars a**e. Approaching Kettins, I see my opportunity for claiming the 30’s I am with Bill, but expecting Alan or Dave to come charging past… nothing… 50m to go… still just chat … 20m to go… I am thinking… wait for it … 15m I go… I kick off and claim the 30’s Bill is gutted as he tried fruitlessly to react on his bouncy castle ~ I had my forks locked out :-).
    As we go up through the village, It occurs to Bill and I that nobody was ever going to back out of the run at the turbines, because they would forever be known as a pussy… better a sheep than a pussy eh?

    • David says:

      Silence of the Lambs πŸ™‚ it was fun and yet more stories to be retold over cake coffee beer and curry. Bill was like a spring lamb bouncing with enthusiasm at being on Tarmac to Meigle. The Kettins 30 did cross my mind but I was blocked in. It was amusing to watch Bill bouncing to try and beat you. I’m sure next time he will remember to lock his forks then you will have no chance πŸ™‚ Next?

    • Alan says:

      The Four Musketeers
      A great morning out, really enjoyed the downhill from the lonesome larch to gait. Cant wait to do it again.

  2. spokeclinic says:

    Annual target 2015 “more than Round the Equator”

    We are currently 899 miles in at the end of January, with an elevation gain of 42716 ft

  3. Simon Evans says:

    Gutted to have missed out on what sounds like a brilliant day, especially as Glenshee was stormbound again !

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