The 21st of December

Of course this run is entirely weather and hangover dependent.

So, that said I propose we do Campmuir, Newtyle, Scarey Town, Glamis, the eight mile road, Meigle and then home. Starting at T&P at 8:30 – I think the sun is up by then 🙂

While stopping for breath in Meigle, we can discuss targets and aspirations for next year … and just how close we got this year to getting round the world.


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9 Responses to The 21st of December

  1. David says:

    Not for me this Sunday regardless of Hangover or weather.Gutted as its been way too long!!!!!!

    • Alan says:

      Good morning David, was it tonight we were going up Loch Ordie? if so what time in car park?

      • David says:

        Hi Alan, Sorry, after the last few weeks and then just going through motions and playing at Christmas it has caught up with me and nothing done so wont be able to cycle as must wrap presents and get stuf ready.

  2. I will be out Sunday, forecast looks mild but wet, so should manage a few miles towards the yearly target!!!

  3. Fair shout, its to be a south, south west, so why don’t we head towards murthly, dunkeld and a whooping tail wind back to Blairgowrie, then Meigle and home???

  4. Alan says:

    Will not make it this Sunday, up Kinnoull hill tomorrow morning with Tay Titans (Christmas cycle only going for the mince pies!) then Ash and me away overnight to Norton House. Have a great Christmas everybody and we will hopefully catch up next Sunday.

  5. Simon Evans says:

    Sadly, with some snow at Glenshee it means I wont make it. Hopefully soon if the snow all goes, otherwise it may not be until spring time……Have a great Christmas and Hogmanay, and here’s to rounding the world next year !!

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