2014 End of Year Look Back

So where or what was your favourite cycle this year. Was it an event you did, A sunday run, maybe even just a solo dawn raid or possibly your usual midweek cycle with your buddy or whatever.

So rack your brain and list your top 3 of 2014.

So to kick it off My Top 3 are

  • Grampian KOM Sportive at Alford
  • The “Big Bombers” ride out to Brechin and Kirrie (The 8 mile road seemed very very long that day)
  • Amulree and Aberfeldy

So there you go now rack your brains and lets see what yours are.

Mid-Summer at Loch Ordie was close to being on that list too.



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7 Responses to 2014 End of Year Look Back

  1. There has been so many this year it’s hard to remember them all, but here goes.
    1 Has to be the Etape as I broke the elusive 4 hour mark. #wellchuffed
    2 Beating my PB for my 18 Mile TT via Meigle, Newtyle and back (21.5 mph average #evenmorechuffed)
    3 Last our run from Burrelton to Kinross and round Loch Leven and back, really enjoyed this run with Dave and Simon, no sure Dave enjoyed it so much????
    Also a mention for our 2 runs down to Dundee and over the bridge always love this run!!!! Looking forward to a few more next year.

    • David says:

      Ah yes. Was that also the same day simon parked up in teh layby before Scone in the hope of intercepting you but you flew past too fast for him. That was a good one to Loch Leven when you were helping Simon test out his new bike 🙂

  2. spokeclinic says:

    1. Alford Sportive – despite getting run into 🙂
    2. All the way to and round Rannoch.
    3. Buckie to Craigellachie.

    Just missing the list .. the run out to Brechin and the run up to Amulree – Aberfeldy and the run in April where we came down the Wicks’ road.

  3. Simon Evans says:

    Too right I was knackered !!, but a good blast !, also nearly made my top three, but……..
    My top three…….1. Three Pistes…..Chuffed just to finish, especially managing to get up the Lecht after 65 miles without a walk of shame !! Not bad for an auld one !!
    2. Bealach Mor…..Very chuffed to get round that 90 mile killer, especially with driving rain and high winds.
    3. On any Sunday morning ride, when managing to get to a 30 before Bill !!

  4. Simon Evans says:

    Also, very very chuffed to do the Tour o Borders in at an average of 18 mph.

  5. Alan says:

    Every ride that you survive is a good one!
    My top3 are,
    Third place is Highland Perthshire 19th in my age group if I mind right.
    Second place is Cairn o` Mount, first time ever over that hill, was spoiled a bit at the end by misplacing the car keys.
    My first place was the Etape Pennine’s survived with out pushing and broke my land speed record at 56mph.
    Like you David Loch Ordie was hard to beat, hopefully next year the weather will be better for that one.

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