Sunday 7th of December – the first run of the winter!

Keeping one eye on the BBC weather when setting this wee run… wrap up warm!

So 8:30 from T&P (no surprise there)… we will roll out to Meigle on the main road given that the temperature is going to be quite low. On-wards and up to Alyth and Lintrathen Loch (DB I know how much you like that little climb :-)), before propelling ourselves towards Kirriemuir.  Leaving Kirriemuir and going along the improbable eight mile road we will head to Meigle and a warming cuppa. Suitably refreshed, we will then head for Newtyle and then back to T&P.

The distance is about 45 miles… so will make a suitable dent in your target for the month of 277 miles. :-).

see latest Comment. MTB up Ballo instead of road.


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9 Responses to Sunday 7th of December – the first run of the winter!

  1. Simon Evans says:

    See you all at half 8.

  2. David says:

    The rise up to the Alyth 5 ways is a favorite too. Is it now time to break out the winter tyres.

  3. spokeclinic says:

    Given the forecast temperatures and the increasing wind speeds … I am thinking this run is not going to happen … i know, I Know, round the world is fast becoming the target for next year. I may venture out on the MTB.

  4. David says:

    I’m going to play Sunday by ear and not commit to being anywhere. Will see how things are and prob just go out locally.

  5. Working so might be out but not sure, let me know of any changes to the said plans and what bike to bring!!!!

  6. spokeclinic says:

    Being the master of indecision …. I am going to make a decision … I will be doing a MTB run… along the lines of … Ballo, the loch, Lundie Crags, the turbines (photo opportunity) down to the Kaisers road then plooter about to get to Meigle and back home with the intention of avoiding tarmac as much as possible… 🙂

  7. Alan says:

    I am happy just to get out! although MTB sounds better. Spike and I are going to go up Ballo at 8am tomorrow (Saturday) Just back from Alyth and there is hard frost outthere already.

  8. Simon Evans says:

    Shame that tomorrow isn’t happening, so will probably do a wee spin somewhere up here depending on the weather. Away next sunday, but hopefully the next if anythings on. Can’t believe its about 11 weeks since the last time !!

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