Pathfinder Squadron Exploring the County of Angus

The “squadron” assembled at the jump off point at planned and headed off on todays sortie into darkest dangerous Angus. The plan to find Castles. It was like the 2 long range bombers being escorted by their lightweight fighter escorts.
Setting off at a reasonable pace heading for who knows what. Banking right then left at CA we headed to Meigle. On the way as happened last week Alpha Whisky and Alpha Mike were too busy gabbing and lost out on the first 30 of the day. We then flew up the main road at a cracking pace with the two lightweight fighters escorting the lumbering pathfinders. One of the Pathfinders Delta Bravo had to back off the gas before Glamis due to the pace and not wanting to blow up too early as it was going to be a long sortee. At Glamis the first of the lightweight escorts Bravo Papa peels off and head for home ready to be reconfigured into a body mover. The remaining three gallantly headed on deeper into Angus and its centre, Forfar. The final lightweight escort peeled off at the outskirts, not daring to cross the line further into the centre of Angus. This left the 2 lumbering pathfinders Delta Bravo and Alpha Whiskey to push on. Leaving Forfar Alpha Whiskey used his charm on a couple of local WAF’s wishing them a good day but warning them not to try and chase and pass us. We were on a mission.
After Forfar this was all new uncharted territory for Delta Bravo. The plucky two pushed on to Brechin getting slightly confused at a turn off for Turin! We found a Castle, but pushed on looking for more.
Turning for home searching for Castles but by the end this turned out to be a fruitless search.
Heading for Kirriemuir Alpha Whisky injects a sudden left bank to go “Off Highlighter” in to Tannadice presumably looking for another Castle. There was none. Once there we head back out and up the hill. Delta Bravo did begin to wonder if this had just been a diversion to then climb back up to our original height. But thankfully no we carried on – below radar. We passed a farm that must have belonged to Dr Doolittle because of the Lama in the field. I was asked if I spoke Lama or Rhinoceros and I said Of courseros. and did!
At Kirriemuir we were on the lookout for Bandits. One local old Fokker tried to take us out by suddenly bursting from his parking space. His window was open so he would have heard fully the many suggestions that our plucky two were making to him in no uncertain terms.
The big bombers carried on but were running low on fuel but thankfully only had the infamous stretch of Angus known only by its code name of “Is it really only 8 miles”. There was one final obstacle. The first headwind of the day “Oh Good they exclaimed a head wind for the final 16 miles!” The final section over the bridge to Meigle was slower than the day’s earlier pace Alpha Whisky pulled slightly ahead with surely more emergency fuel onboard compared to Delta Bravo who was down to fumes. Our plucky two were glad to reach to safety and sanctuary of the Coffee Shop for an infusion of Sugar.
Suitably re-fuelled we took off for home neither of us in the mood to contest the 30’s! It had been an even sharing of them today. A slight change of direction before Campuir was needed to ensure the 65 mile mark was to be achieved.
All in a cracking morning 65 miles (105 km) of exploring Angus and only Brechin Castle briefly spotted through the trees in our quest.

Now I need a large drink and a lie down in a darkened room 🙂

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7 Responses to Pathfinder Squadron Exploring the County of Angus

  1. Does anyone fancy a trundle either tonight Monday, Wednesday or Friday as need to get a few miles in before setting off for a weeks holiday???? Road or MTB no matter.

  2. Alan says:

    Liked the story Dave, have you thought about a Colum in the courier next to Scott Tares?

  3. Boys just been told by Debs that I am a twat!!!! harsh I thought, but we are in Dundee on Wednesday night to see Erin before we go on holiday, so Wednesday is a no go for me. doooooh

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