Castles…That pesky wind

Todays run was changed to something much more severe/challenging/nuts.  The intention was that we would head off into the wind and have the benefit of a tail wind coming home. It sort of worked that way.

Setting off from T&P at the allotted time we headed in towards Perth.. For the first 8 miles the sair fit and the hangover stayed on the front.  We peeled off the main road, and started our first climb of the day up past Murray Royal- I call to the rest that I will see them in Glencarse. I stop near the top, to pick up the nose piece of my glasses. Balthayock is a huge descent, and even more hugely disappointing – you just cant get the speed up. I roll into Glencarse to find 2 cyclists looking as fresh as a fresh thing thats fresh and another who is dry wretching – and telling the others how bad he was at climbing these days… I threatened to stick my water bottle to him…. I cycled off toward St Madoes.

Errol next and BP (clearly feeling much better) steals the 30’s, AM gets the odd 30’s in the middle of the main street. LK and I share the ones at the Station. Now at base camp for the Abernyte ascent, I wish everybody well and say “see you after Littleton”… They wait in Abernyte. LK goes home – too much hanging around for the slowbie?

Littleton now, and I am thinking  “I am going home from  the top ” … Curiously BP and AM are having that conversation about me when I get to the junction at the top. We all go to Lundie… and down the hill to Newtyle … I know how tired I am because I cant even engage the fatmentum force to keep up on the descents.

Meigle for tea and scones.

Heading for home is the hardest 8 miles … it is into a persistent head wind – it is just as well we didn’t go castle spotting.

Next week – we will go somewhere from T&P at 8am WP 🙂


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4 Responses to Castles…That pesky wind

  1. David says:

    Ouch!!! Now glad i was working. Which nutter chose that route. I’m guessing it wasnt BP.

  2. Alan says:

    It was all good fun, the scone that was! I even went out after getting home back to Kettins to meet Ash and squeeze in another 11 miles.
    See you Friday night weather permitting, if not Sunday at 8am I am working at 12 so will not be going to far unless there is a cut off somewhere along the run.

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