The Walk of Shame

No idea who he was or where he was going but we spotted a tired still dressed for the previous nights fun heading home as we headed out to Abernethy. In spite of it just being me with Bill and Lewis I kind of thought it could be an easy run as Bill was knackered from a Saturday with Perth United and Lewis was “off highlighter” in uncharted fife territory so didn’t know the route. Well it wasn’t easy but they did go easy on me judging by my total of strava pb’s 🙂 It was a chilly start but the sun shone bright and warm. We dodged the sunday paper run through Newburgh and then got a pleasant surprise that the rough road surfaces have been repaired. Rolling along nicely on the way up to Hazleton Walls and my chain is off! Oily gloves and its back on and we re-group. The road onwards was smooth and swooping and fast oh and fun too. The bacon roll at riverside was welcoming as was the warm sunshine. The 30’s were mostly ignored. Fuelled it was on along the Carse to Longforgan where Bill and Lewis headed up knapp and jocks brae to further kill Bills legs. I rolled along the Carse along the errol raceway or at least thats how some drivers were treating it. Then it was Glencarse and the looming Washerhouse Brae and the days second walk of shame. Sad to say i didn’t even get as far up as i would expect! Not good, oh well one day! The traffic lights through town were all red for me, which was helpful for my tired legs getting a rest. Cracking day and good company and just what i needed. Honest!

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2 Responses to The Walk of Shame

  1. spokeclinic says:

    Mildly amused: I know you shouldn’t laugh or even smirk slightly at somebody teaching their iphone to swim in a toilet… eh? Mrs Whittle … But it kept my spirits up on the woefully long and slow hills to Dufftown .. think Whitelea road only longer and a wee bit more constant and a wee bit more gradient. Its not exciting cycling on your own, but I did force myself to stop for some Soreen.
    Lesson learned from Sunday… make sure you know where you are going… as asking for directions and getting them in the doric, does not always help… “aye loon, tak a richt then an ither afore gannin ower … ” you get the picture! there is a way though Craigellachie without having to travel 250 yds on the main A941.

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