Sunday the 7th of September … The reality or “Haulin’ Curry”

Its a long time since we started with a climb up Ballo. Today we did, and it was just the same as always… With me wheezing and puffing to the top and tasting the curry from the night before. The climb to the top of Jock’s Brae was nothing really but rewarded with a speed of 47 mph on the descent. Down through Knapp now and heading towards Longforgan. Today how ever we go off-highlighter and break left before the descent. This shaves about a mile of the route – this will be prove to be significant later.

Muirend now and we cross straight over the main road heading for Bonnyton Road.(yes yet more off highlighter) There is an issue the road has a no through road sign at the end.. we roll on… Alan stops and asks a horsie person if we can get through this road… she assures us we can. the road is narrow the surface is good. The road turns right… its a horse poo ridden. rough as a boars @rse, snaking wee track to the Donley road. Negotiated, no mishaps.

We are now running roughly parallel to the main Newtyle to Dundee road.

We reach the Tealing Road, just out of Kirkton of Auchterhouse and I issue John Torrodes energy bars to all – I made them  -braw! Fuelled up we head for Newtyle.  We have cruised through Newtyle and are heading for Meigle Coffee Shop  – it will be closed – so we break left and double back up past the Kaisers place.

Nearly home now, but the miles are too low, SUB 30!! … So Alan says lets go to the graveyard to make up distance. As we roll out, some nutter suggests we go back via Bursie. Some other nutter agrees.

Just at the graveyard, i feel my bike wobble under my not insignificant bulk .. I ignore this odd sensation and carry on. I get swept up by some Dundee Wheelers/Thistle riders, who it turns out are heading for Bankfoot. On the A93 now and my odd sensation has manifested its self as a proper softening tyre. I stop and squirt some gas into it. This will be enough to get me home… It does.

Anyway Bursie climbed once more, 35+miles ridden.. tired but happy!


Not sure who is about next week, so may just do my own thing! 


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3 Responses to Sunday the 7th of September … The reality or “Haulin’ Curry”

  1. David says:

    Cracking route. Plenty of ups and downs. Had to give the bike a good clean to remove all the horse shit after our venture through Muirhead Stables. Didn’t want it melting the bike 🙂

  2. Alan says:

    Good ride, great views, good to do something new. Worth it for the fruity and oat bar although Spike was disappointed he did not get his milk shake and strawberry cake after he let me beat him to a couple of 30 signs!!!! (so he says, life left in the old man yet!)
    We will not be there next week as off to Dalbeattie 7 stanes to no doubt break something or end up in a bush.

  3. Simon Evans says:

    Due to cooking and change overs, won’t be able to make it until Oct 19, but see you then !!

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