Nothing planned…

I have plotted and planned nothing for this weekend …  this is mainly due to my being unable to cycle any proper distance without significant discomfort. 😦

So, if you want to pick up the baton for the next couple of weeks, feel free!


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14 Responses to Nothing planned…

  1. Bill says:

    Working tomorrow but keen to go out at 8am for a spin around!!!!

  2. Alan says:

    Working tomorrow as well, but will be at garage at 8am.

  3. Simon Evans says:

    Sorry I missed today…..and next week is Bealach Mor !!

  4. anyone doing the Perthshire challenge this Saturday????? 50 or 100

  5. Ashley says:

    Alan and I are doing the 50. Are you doing 50 this year?

  6. Ashley I am not sure as have a golf day with hospitality on the Friday but keen to still do the 50, maybe just not as quick as last year, might be able to keep up with you for some company if Alan is having a big day!!!! What time are you thinking of setting off????

  7. Ashley says:

    I think even with a hangover I would struggle to keep up with you Bill. We are intending heading along about 8.

  8. Simon Evans says:

    Entering the Bealach seemed a good idea at the time…..!!, good weather forecast too, wind and rain, oh joy…….

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