Harriet who?

It was a quiet run, with no incidents… My legs were feeling a bit leaden after their hard week in the hills around the village. This however did not stop me stealing the Murthly 30’s. The weather so far has been kind, the sun was even shining as we regrouped getting ready to start the ascent of the Little Glen Shee (not to be confused with the real Glen Shee).
We cruised up, had a splash in the ford and readied ourselves for the descent into Chapelhill.
Chaplehill pub, was closed or at least not open yet 🙂 Onward now to Harrietfield – not sure if this was off highlighter or not. So to Pitcairngreen and Almond Bank. Dave takes the cyclepath through the village of Almond Bank – trying to head me off at the pass…he didn’t.
Approaching the bypass a car almost takes out John and Dave. Not as a result of this Dave peels off and heads for home.
Dunkeld road now and the “race for life” pink shirts are in evidence, the throngs are gathering on the inch… we don’t stop to watch.
Bridgeend now and John peels off for home.
The road is wet here, Simon asked if this was an effect of the magic highlighter… its route is always dry?
I am left trailing in the wake (no the roads were not that wet) of Simon and Lewis. My legs are truly shot now. The climb out of Guildtown is a struggle. Lewis peels off after Wolfhill.
The final run down to Burrelton is a swift and the pace is picking up very gradually … the 30’s are in our sights. I stomp on the pedals, I have half a wheel … Simons chain slips (not for the first time today) as he responds… I show no mercy until after the claimed 30’s. At the junction I can hardly turn the pedals…puggled!

Where to next week?


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2 Responses to Harriet who?

  1. Simon Evans says:

    In truth, my chain didn’t slip, I just was beaten by the stronger man !!!!!!!

  2. David says:

    So much for the forecast rain. Cracking morning and even a helpful tailwind going up to the ford.

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