The three amigos

Even in his car Simon was not able to beat Bill in to town. So after a spot of “mines stiffer and lighter than yours” in the car park it was off to Loch Leven. As Bill and Simon rolled testing out Simons new bike the position of “lanterne rouge” was adopted as usual by me. Up the farg with me trying to keep the flashing of simons light in sight and on to Milnathort and then Kinross. Around the Loch past Vane Farm to the Scotlandwell turn and then into a head wind.
Bill and Simon waited back at Kinross but i bypassed them for a moment so i could get the Strava end point which was down a side road. Onto Milnathort and up to Duncrevie I next catch up with the boys as they recline in a bus shelter. Then down the Glen to Bridge of Earn. Simon and Bill head off to home and i roll slowly up the Glasgow road and home. And the rain stayed away.

And for Bill, no mention of the “W” word and no I dont mean “Whamond”!!

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One Response to The three amigos

  1. spokeclinic says:

    W-P? W-ind? W-anker? W-heels? W-et? W-tf? W-hippet?

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