Sunday 15th for those not Glamping

Meet at 08.00 in Perth next to the Cherrybank Inn bottom of Necissity Brae then head for Dunning, Yetts of Muckart, Milnathort, Strathmiglo, Glen Tarkie and Bridge of Earn

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4 Responses to Sunday 15th for those not Glamping

  1. Alan says:

    Working this weekend so will happily do something locally myself. See you all next Sunday.

  2. David says:

    The Weather did not Permit.

  3. spokeclinic says:

    I Glamped… yes… I glamped in a static caravan… but then got filthy on Sunday morning. You know you have been up a muddy track when you dismount and there is an aerodynamic shaped pile of muck welding your shorts to the saddle…
    Monday, the car is packed and I set off cycling home from Blair Atholl. The first thing is a small detour at Killiecrankie – this is the off highlighter bit – sweet road with gravel and grass in the middle. I rejoin Cycle Route 7 at Pitlochry and head up the Moulin road. The sun is shining and all is well with the world.
    Being a considerate cyclists, as I clatter along the road about a mile short of KirkMichael, I pull in to the guttery bit at the side of the road to let a “Best” lorry by. This was the start of a series of unfortunate situations. Firstly, I see the pot hole a little bit too late, but somehow manage to run the edge of it, but not enough to dodge the boulder (sharp little tyre wall ripping stone)! 50 meters further on the rear tyre gives out. I walk another 100 meters to find a bit of road that is safe to change the inner tube beside. The rip in the side wall is small, but significant. I decide not to do the planned route as I have no idea how long this inner tube will last with its little bug eye sticking out the side wall. Bolstered by the lack of deflation at Bridge of Cally, I take the Drimmie road – never again – (well not untill they resurface great sections of it anyway – and I don’t mean with that spray on road surface stuff that they are doing lots of at the mo!). I get just past the 30’s on the descent into Rattray when the rear lets go like an air brake. I phone the rescue wagon and wait.
    Before the broom wagon turns up to collect me from near where the Swiss Cheese Shop used to be (appropriate I thought), not one but two people ask if i need a hand – one an Aussie and the other from Glasgow… locals eh!

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