Todays run as uneventful as it was pays homage to Star Wars day and films in general.
The run started on time, the weather was Cloudy (With a Chance of Meatballs) and the Rush to the first 30’s was on. Its Complicated the route, as it kept changing like the wind and the weather. Nobody was battling a Hangover today. We career out through CA and turn off for Aberbothrie and New Alyth. The first climb comes all to soon The need for speed is all to apparent as I get dropped Into The Void early on. We regroup at the top of each climb. Cars are scarce today, but some of the larger 4x4s do feel like they are taking liberties by cutting us close. Heading for Brewlands now the climb is relentless, even with dinner plate gearing its a struggle. Like something from Over The Hedge we get raced down a hill by a Red Squirrel that has had a big dose of caffine. We meet SE in his car, he is jealous of our run – work just gets in the way, oh to work Nine to Five. AM has already peeled off as he has to be back for work.
This is No Country for Old Men, my lungs are burning and my legs are screaming as the climb out of Glen Isla takes its toll – I breath like Darth Vader. The Glen Shee road junction is all new and has taken away another tight dip and replaced it with more sweeping beds for the motorcycles to speed on. As we press on to our Final Destination, we are again split into the two speed group we have become. Kirkmichael now and LK misses the most fab coconut and lime cake by heading home. My huge portion of cake is inhaled (maybe I was just very hungry – who knows) We are joined here by tandems, 4 of them, and 5 or 6, 7’s – Austin 7’s.
We really are on the way home now, and I sneak another 30 – road position is everything, I caught a glimpse of the sign before anybody else and went for it (almost too soon) Like something out of Rocky, I celebrated my victory with all the good grace and restraint it required.
BoC now and the awful road surface is causing Tremors through my bike and body. I thought it was going to shake a Bolt or two loose. BP gets caught at the lights, I go through on green, and give chase – its a lost cause. We regroup again in Ratray and press on for CA. For the first time in a very long time we take the main road to CA, the surface is good and the bikes roll well.
Home now and the bike is put away.

I wanted to use Iron Giant today, but the only Giant present was carbon – so that didn’t work. I chose not to stick Star Wars characters in to the narrative. As silly that would be.

Good luck and I hope the weather gods smile on you for next week in the Etape Caledonia!


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3 Responses to UP

  1. David says:

    Today was a case of Fools on the Hils. However as i was trudgung up that nasty climb i’m sure the Hills had Eyes or was i just seeing yet another climb. Glad we got to Kirkmichael when we did and got a seat before the tandem couples arrived. I then wasnt so lucky with the traffic lights after Bridge of Calley and had to wait. The three stooges made it to the end. Still had a cracking freefall down Vom Hill. Had a drooth and was a bit puggled by the time we finished but cracking day all the same

  2. Alan says:

    Enjoyed the run, cake would have went down well could have done with a slice! but did make it back in time for work. Have a good run next week wherever you go. You could always cycle up to Logierait for a laugh and a bit of encouragement.

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