Foggy – Compo & Clegg

Just Alan and myself today. We did try and persuade Ashley to join us but no not today.

The original plan was abandoned as we headed towards Meigle in thick fog and wishing we had some lights. Onto the 8 mile road and off to Kirrie, the clouds started to lift but not enough to put us back on original plan. So it was onto Alyth Tullyfergus (off highlighter for me) and into Blairgowrie. The sun was trying to force it’s way through but failing. On across the muddy flatlands to CA and back to Burrelton and bump into a claurty Andrew.

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3 Responses to Foggy – Compo & Clegg

  1. Ashley says:

    Didn’t want to leave you two behind! (nothing to do with fact I was still in bed when Alan asked me if I wanted to join you both). Went and did some hill practise on Birsie!

  2. David says:

    lol. When we saw the mist and fog and that we had no lights I was kinda wishing I had stayed in my bed 🙂 That hill just never gets easier. Tullyfergus was a nippy we climb from alyth. Glad we didnt do it from the Rattary side.

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