Into the clip-in-a-verse

In was a windy 12 miles to the CBI… It was a head wind.. but the timing of the three man peleton was spot on reaching the cbi in exactly 55 minutes. We were greeted by D”two giant bikes”B and a new rider. JB…
We all set off up Necessity brae, almost, JB had an issue clipping in.
Aberdalgie next, Simon is in completely virgin territory now. We fly down Duplin, JB decides e need to work on his descending as he gets dropped. This is last time he would get dropped.
Invermay now, the road is flat, we go through a sand storm. No. we didn’t is was just poor farmer sowing his oats and letting his top soil blow away.
Climbing now, the group split up, there is no catching the leaders on the descents either. Still climbing. These 11/12/13/14/15% hills just go on and on. Simon, DB and myself get dropped. BP arrives at Glenfarg, we waits a couple of minutes and JB arrives and unclips… they wait, and wait … Simon and I arrive 5 mins later… We wait, DB rolls down the hill. We all thank JB for his route. He fails to clip in as we all set off again.
The next small climb sees us sprinkled across the roads. The descent in to Dron and BoE is swift. We decide that Ryhnd should be visited. It was. JB unclips at the top as we regroup, and has a clip in issue as we set off.
Coffee in Reids cafe. JB fails to clip in.
We head off back Home, visiting Old Scone and the palace. Then up the road from Guildtown to home. Simon is done in now. It was a bit of a monster run for his first of the season. We cruise home down the Whitelea road at nearly 30mph.

Home now, average speed was about 14.111, elevation gained about 4272ft, distance covered 54.3 miles. With a max speed of 99.9 accoring to my trip computer… But the Garmin said 47.2 🙂


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3 Responses to Into the clip-in-a-verse

  1. David says:

    That was tough in places today. Must confess to needing a wee walk in a couple of places. Still enjoyed it i needed it and the freefall down the wicks was braw. Then Rhynd and Cornhill road to finish.

  2. Alan says:

    Just back! I had a lovely walk along the beach at Turnberry this morning then a swim and then the full breakfast, not quite the 54 miles you all done this morning. Catch up soon.

  3. Simon Evans says:

    Somewhat knackered today to say the least, but good fun !!

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