Sunday 30th March

Weather permitting, I propose we try the Brechin (long run) or the Forfar (short version). Both profiles are available at no extra cost on the blog entry for Sunday the 23rd.

Usual start time 7:30 from T&P


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5 Responses to Sunday 30th March

  1. David says:

    Not me i’ll still be on holiday.

  2. Not me either, as its mothers day and the kids are fecking useless so will be doing a Saturday cycle!!!!!

  3. spokeclinic says:

    Going to star at 7:00 rather than 7:30 route will be a surprise on the day too!

  4. Nic H says:

    Errr, you realise the clocks change tomorrow?!! 7/6am prob a bit keen for me, but you never know, I may shuffle to the end of the road to see if you sail by…
    Don’t wait / worry if you change the route, I’m too slow to keep up for more than an hour or so anyway.

  5. spokeclinic says:

    We were out at 7am (6am GMT) the mist was ever present. On the way as we zigged and zagged into the wind we spied swans in a field, disturbed geese in the next field, and on the wat to the Strathmore golf club deer at the side of the road. The road to Kirrie was horrible, it was just constantly into the wind.
    We went past the moon, and onto the cobbled bit. I thought I had giot a pinch flat, but “thumbs mauchline” spied a shard of glass so large sticking out of my tyre it could have been recycled on its own! Shard removed, tyre inflated and off we set
    We head out the Brechin road, past the first sign for Forfar. I hear what I think is air brakes, It wasn’t, it was my new tube giving up the ghost. Rim tape reseated and new tube in we creep on along the road and take the next turn to Forfar. Forfar come and goes, we stop for tea and a muffin in the dreaded Mickey D’s… I hate tea in a paper cup. heading home now, we have to do some extra miles just to make the 50…. Home now….

    Nic, we didn’t wait… but then again we didn’t sail past either 🙂

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