Its Lucky – honest!

WE had the biggest turn out in a long while this week. On wards to CA and Meikleour. The run so far is uneventful. There is quite a lot of nasal expelation going on. I am at the back dodging the slimy patches on the road. When JA lets out a squeal of “euch somebody got me!”. Nobody got him, nobody that was cycling anyway … A feathered “friend” got him on his helmet, glasses and face.

Dunkeld now, I am still at the back, as I rolled through with Blair the rest were camped out in the car park at the top of the town (I don’t mean actually camping – although given my speed they could have probably had a full bar-b-qued breakfast). I go past. I hit the start of the hill and drop the bike into granny gear. Blair drops off my wheel. BP and LK go past me not that far from the top. I crest the hill and we regroup. The wind so far today was supposed to be in our faces all the way to Dunkeld… it wasn’t. Can you imagine the disappointment of having to pedal down the hill? We get strung out along the Blairgowrie road as BP is now sober and is picking up the pace – I don’t chase.

We regroup in Blairgowrie and Blair decides enough is enough and goes home. Presumably, he has gone to get the car to go back to Dunkeld to find the lung he coughed up. At this regroup we all have a drink and a bite, while AW confirms the next part of the route… St Fink and Tullyfergus. This is new territory for most of the bunch. LK issues dire warning about the descent into the Den of Alyth.

Climbing now all the way, I am at the back, alone with my thoughts. LK and SE are waiting for me at the top of the hill. We descend, its fast, its not flowing… then I see it … the tightening bend that drops away from you… I am hard on the brakes… Not so hard as to lock a wheel (eh AM?)… there is gravel now, I collect some of that… On the Den road now we cruise towards Alyth. At the last minute we go left and nip out past the Alyth Golf Course. This is off high lighter. The five ways is upon us, BP takes off like a scalded cat. I remember there is a segment there. We all chase him down.

Meigle now and the scone was great. Yes I had a scone and the others had bacon rolls. Its here that JA “spots” the rest of the bird deposits right down his jacket 🙂

Home now, into the wind, not nice. The snow starts!

Mothersday next Sunday… will this make a difference to where we go .. I doubt it!


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One Response to Its Lucky – honest!

  1. Alan says:

    Enjoyed the run today, a new road and the loss of a bit more rubber on the rear! Got home at 10.41 with only 48.4 miles on the clock so had no option but to head up the whitelea road in to the wind and back down the whitelea road in to the wind, only wanted to get over the 50miles. Ashley reminds me that Stava is addictive, never not me!

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