Pffffzzzzzt Wind

The Burrelton boys took longer than expected to get to Cherrybank but seeing Andrews face when they arrived told the tale of a hard pedal into the strong headwind.
After the banter it was up Necessity Brae I being a child made train woo woo noises going under the motorway then Andrew dropped back he had been visited by the puncture fairies. We waited and eventually without the need of Thumbs Mauchline Andrew joined us. On into the headwind to the level crossing then to Dunning. Head down into the wind then Andrew drops back. John cycles with him and the. Pffzzzzt the Puncture Fairies visit Andrew again. Game over for Andrew he’s had enough now and tell us to head on and he will phone For Sandra’s broom wagon to rescue him.

On up Dunning Glen. I make my usual “steady” progress and watches John and Alan further up the hill. 2 others cyclists pass and head up. I can’t have been feeling too bad as had conversations with them rather than breathless one grunts. Alan looked round and was surprised when he thought i was right behind him then he realsied it was another skinny cyclist! Progress slowed near the top then John and Alan are spied waiting.

Down the other side we had to pedal into the wind at Yetts as we turned it was amazing the wind being behind us. What a blast from there to Milnathort. Flying along. I sneaked the 30 🙂

Up over Duncrevie this is all new roads off highlighter for Alan. Down to Glenfarg Johns turn to collect the 30’s. Alan spied a girl selling cakes and wanted to stop for some. I think his energy levels were beginning to drop.

Bit of debate as to which way home Wicks of Baiglie won. Wow. What a downhill. I max’d at 45mph. Further down the hill we met a convoy of topless mx-5’s heading up just as well we met them there and. to up the hill as we sped down and were using as much of the road as we could. I think John greeted each mx with a traditional salutation. W****rs!!

The Brig farm cafe had unusually flavoured Scones so 2 rounds of toast and a bacon roll were ordered. The cafe was busy when we arrived, was it our smell that cleared it soon after our arrival. Some girlie cyclists arrived on a Sunday social. We didn’t scare them 🙂

Home for me was via Glenearn road and my favourite slog up Glasgow road. John and Alan headed via the docks and Alan had the long solo drag home.

Cracking day of blue skies and sunshine. Oh and not forgetting the headwinds.

Post ride update Andrew phoned Sandra and woke her up. Then he hid in Canto to await the broom wagon and plan his online shopping for a new tyre more tubes and gas cartridges!

Update 2 just remembered about the impatient knob of a driver who tried to squeeze us off the road after we had left out coffee stop

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4 Responses to Pffffzzzzzt Wind

  1. Alan says:

    Great day, lots of new roads and villages that I have not heard of. Thoroughly enjoyed it even although I had lost my wing man for the way home! I am glad you added MX5 after the word topless with the colour on my face on my return I may well have had to explain why. 64.3 miles in total felt like a 164.3

  2. spokeclinic says:

    Before putting the third tube in i ran my finger round the rim in both directions, turned the tire inside out… checked it wasn’t nipped… I set off home via BoE and Perth.The demise of the third tube was outside the Procurator Fiscal Office… Puncture fairies indeed. This is where I phoned for the broom wagon. This left me time for a short walk to Canto, who took me in before the shop was even due to open and fed me a fresh from the oven scone and some tea.

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