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Gushing air and fluids

Today was mostly misty. Undaunted we set of at 7am as planned. Rolled through CA; there was no sign of Nic. Off along the main road into the wind. We took our first off plan turn of and went over … Continue reading

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Sunday 30th March

Weather permitting, I propose we try the Brechin (long run) or the Forfar (short version). Both profiles are available at no extra cost on the blog entry for Sunday the 23rd. Usual start time 7:30 from T&P

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Coupar Angus Cycle Sunday 6th April

This is a 22 mile run from The Enverdale up through Alyth Den and out the Tullyfergus/St Fink road. Run starts at 11am This run I believe is being led by Nic.

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Its Lucky – honest!

WE had the biggest turn out in a long while this week. On wards to CA and Meikleour. The run so far is uneventful. There is quite a lot of nasal expelation going on. I am at the back dodging … Continue reading

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Sunday 23rd March … where to this week!

Providing I can keep my tires inflated for more than a dozen miles at a time. I am going to suggest two routes. They both share the same outbound and inbound but have differing turning points: Route 1: 47 Miles … Continue reading

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Pffffzzzzzt Wind

The Burrelton boys took longer than expected to get to¬†Cherrybank but seeing Andrews face when they arrived told the tale of a hard pedal into the strong headwind. After the banter it was up Necessity Brae¬†I being a child made … Continue reading

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Sunday 16th March – stretching the legs etc

Leave T&P at 07:30 (‘cos the run is a wee bit longer than the norm) CBI 50 mins later (Cherry Bank Inn) Dunning a bit later. Kinross a lot later Milnathort a short time later Glenfarg next… BoE for a … Continue reading

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The Mark Of The Beast

I saw this on my Strava profile on Sunday evening…

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More lumps than porridge

The run for Sunday the 9th of March (the day before Commonwealth day) is… Start T&P at 8:00. Up over Ballo. Down to Abernyte. Up to Littleton. Down to Lundie (second turn). Over to Newtyle. Through Scareytown. Nod at the … Continue reading

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Cleats are for climbing

Cold start today, but a pleasant run to meet the rest of the group by the war memorial. They were waiting by The Albert Memorial. Bunched up we set off along the Inch dodging the runners and dog walkers. Under … Continue reading

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