Its all wind and Handmaidens…

Uneventful start, rolling out towards Meigle, we come to Ardler Bill says he’s done a turn on the front now who next, DB says “let me take my turn on the front” He does and then takes the 30’s. Moving swiftly on through a couple of ocean sized dubs we reach Meigle and start climbing up to Alyth.
BP squawks he has a softie and looks with his big puppy dog eyes for suitable help. His handmaiden leaps into action to see if it can be firmed up. Pulling tools out, some pneumatic pressure is applied before giving up and putting on some new rubber. The rest of the group ignore this touching display and head off saying “if we all hang about here waiting for you two to finish….”. Kirrie now and AW has some sort of aberration and heads off towards Glamis. He is pulled back and told “we are going to Forfar”. Forfar comes and goes, with a snack break. (we know we are about to head into the wind) We set off, past what smells like an explosion In a deodorant factory then on past Mickey D’s and on towards Glamis. Its blowing a hoolie right in our chops, just as we had anticipated. We regroup before taking the turn to Scareytown. AW gets slipstreamed up the hill before Scareytown and usurped just before the 30’s… he is not a happy bunny. Moving on we take the Kirkinch turn SE says he has never been down this we road before (DB said this last week). We make sure the rest of the group is going the same way. Now last week we dodged many flooded roads and in particular the one from Kirkinch to the Newtyle/Meigle road. Today it is open. We turn into the wind again. This road has to have been built by the romans. It is dead straight with no shelter. The main road is a welcome relief. Meigle now, and the joinery coffee shop has treacle scones on offer. To the surprise of everybody AW forgos his usual date crumble and has one. We have not long parked up, ordered and sat down when BP arrives. He has been chasing us down since his exploits with the handmaiden. He recounts how he worked hard to catch us up. And how he slowed to let AM catch up just before Kirrie. AM caught up and never slowed down taking a sneaky 30′ BP… clearly still not happy at this treachery while stuffing his face with a scone. BP confessed to a senior moment of forgetting to restart his paused Garmin after he and his handmaiden had done the necessary which had saved Bill a return trip to the nail bar for a clip, polish and buff.
Home bound now BP and AW are off the front, conversations being had about fitness et al. Just out of Kettins we go left… in a vain and forlorn attempt to get to 50 miles today (48.6).
Run complete, tired but happy 🙂
Next week: Dunkeld/Blairgowrie/Alyth/Meigle/Home usual start place, usual start time.. Read about it later in the week once the route has been plotted 🙂


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2 Responses to Its all wind and Handmaidens…

  1. Alan says:

    A good ride out this morning, not much fun on the way back on the 8 mile road with wind in your face with no one to shelter behind. See you all next week.

  2. David says:

    Hard slog again this week on the return leg but thankfully not as bad as last week. Maybe just as well as when I got home I was only given time to put the bike away get showered and changed then off out to move furniture and make several trips up and downstairs for mother in law.
    I still creaked a bit this morning.
    Another good day to be out.

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