Sunday 12th January

I propose that we do what I had planned for the 5th… you know the run to Newtyle and Glamis etc…

The reason for my no show was two fold… the lurgy and it was too cold to be out on any sort of bike.

Anyway JP of Coupar Angus Cycling fame sent me the following in an email:

working with contacts in Alyth, Blairgowie and the Glens to try to set up a local cycling group centred around road cycling (Coupar Angus), mountain biking (Alyth and the Glens) and Blairgowrie/ Rattray (BMX). We will be holding an open meeting for interested parties in Coupar Angus at 6.30 on the 22nd January (venue to follow). If you are interested in coming along then please let me know. The functions of the group will involve trying to improve cycling facilities in Eastern Perthshire and the Glens, increasing investment into the area to support cycling, getting more people involved in cycling, promoting the area as a cycling destination, etc. Further information to follow.” – I think it might be worth going along just to see where “Alyth and the glens” go mountain biking.
Oh and there is another CAC run on the 1st of Feb starting from the Enverdale at 11am (wp)


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11 Responses to Sunday 12th January

  1. David says:

    9 start to allow for any defrosting?

  2. I’m in but will be hungover to feck as at the footy with a bunch of pissheads on Saturday!!!! 9am or later would suit me fine, what about 12noon???

  3. David says:

    If’s its as white frost the same as last week then 12 would be preferable 🙂

  4. spokeclinic says:

    It is a 9am start …

  5. Alan says:

    I will be there, weather permitting. If its mountain bikes Spike will be with me.

  6. Nic H says:

    May try to join you if not too icy, not sure I’ll keep up tho…

  7. Nic H says:

    Too slippery for me at the moment I’m afraid. Prob better off skiing, apparently the top runs are good 🙂

  8. spokeclinic says:

    It wasn’t slippy this morning, except for hill down into Guildton. You know when you are riding along listienng to the moisture on your tyres … its a comforting sound fizzing away… but really really scary when cruising along at 30mph and it all goes deathly quiet… Yes the hill had ice on it.
    The road to Blairgowrie was uneventful and quite swift. A wee cup of tea was had at Bunters – they even let us sit in the shop to drink it. Home along the main road was better than yesterdays white knuckle ride… I have to say I was having a half crown tanner runyesterday as the sun was so bright in my eyes I could only see 10 feet of road – just what could the cars behind me see of my slight frame!!!!

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