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It’s a Rollover.

This Sunday will aim to do the run posted for last weekend. The only Lottery will be the weather and if it will be fit for man, beast or cyclist to venture out in. Hopefully / Maybe see you Sunday. … Continue reading

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SPECIAL BICYCLE EVENT – On the evening of Wednesday 30th July there will be a special presentation of Macbeth by the Handlebards – a group of cycling actors. This will be held either at The Cross or in Larghan Park. … Continue reading

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Something to aim for…

Here is an interesting sportive emailed to Blair … GTM King of The Mountains Sportive Costs are £20 for the 100mile, £15 for the 100k and £10 for the one that is not worth traveling all the way to Alford … Continue reading

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Sunday 26th – Route Reversal T&P 8.30 then CA, back road to Blairgowrie Tesco, Alyth, Nearly to Kirrie (Towards Auchindorie), Glamis, Newtyle Meigle.

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The M in Mystery

I lay awake at night listening to the rain being driven off the windows, and just for an hour or so decided that todays run was nuts. The wind had died down a wee bit and the rain had stopped. … Continue reading

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Saturday 18th

For those of us with a free pass this Saturday. 8.30 T&P for a road run to Glamis and a visit to Meigle Coffee shop.

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Sunday 19th January

Having poured over the OS Map of our local area, to break free from the Ballo/Dunkeld/Kinnoull runs … I found this run … because I have more time on my hands than I know what to do with… ahem. Anyway … Continue reading

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