The Tree Wise Men

Maybe not wise but there were certaimly 3 of us. John Lewis and Moi.
First climb of the day John cheerily asks what I had for breakfast as I’d probably see it later 🙂 Lewis and I had not been up this part of the forest so John was the guide. The trail swept down and on the whole was hard packed but then there were the muddy soft bits to catch up out. There was a stream up ahead which John assured us was shallow but there was a bridge if needed. The stream was indeed shallow with a muddy slope to climb afterwards.
We were well into the depths of Johns “backyard” play area. There were plenty of freshly fallen trees from the recent storms across the paths.
With my lack of skill on the MTB, I followed the path back to the start of the bike park while John and Lewis took the steep technical track back to the car park and back up. Theyboth admitted to a feet down moment or 2. Lewis blasted up the hill as he said he needed practise ahead of the mtb and running duathlon he is doing in a couple of week!
We paused to let 3 others fly down the track and then followed avoiding yet another fallen tree. Was it keep left or Keep right oh well I went left walked around one drop and took the chicken way around the side on the other.

Back to the carpark and up the otherside. On the climb up to teh tower John asked me a question. I managed to get out that I would answer at the top 🙂 The view was cracking.

Alpdreamer and the abundance of his KOM’s were discussed as was Andrew’s spare time on Christmas Day and his artistic talent on strava. We did wonder if he had done it by hand.

Back down through the trees. I was tryingt to keep John and Lewis in sight so I at least knew where to go. John eventually got his answer to his earlier question just before he peeled off home. With claurty bikes Lewis and I headed back to the car park which was by now full of youth cyclists getting ready to head off up the hill. They all looked very professional in matching club colours (a quick google once home revealed they were Team Thomson up from Paisley who have many youth MTB champions in their ranks) and they were accompanied by a couple of guys who had gotten out of British and Scottish Cycling branded sponsored cars. We left then before they asked us for tips!

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1 Response to The Tree Wise Men

  1. spokeclinic says:

    It was in deed a job by hand … wait till you see my next work of art … 🙂 …

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