What was your favourite cycle route in 2013

As a group and on our own we have covered many routes this year but what was the favourite.

Post your top 3 – 5 routes and we can see where we like to go most.

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5 Responses to What was your favourite cycle route in 2013

  1. David says:

    My favourites are in no particular order –
    Tay Bridge circuit
    Perth Dunkeld Amulree Crieff Loop
    Loch Earn and back from Pertb
    Necissity Brae, Bridge of Earn loop
    Little GlenShee

  2. Alan says:

    In at number five is the Tay bridge via Newburgh.
    Number four, Amulree, Aberfeldy and home via Dulguise.
    Number three. The Etape.
    Number two. Nairn to Woodside.
    And number one has to be following that young fit as fiddle forty something with the nice (ears) That’s an anagram by the way work it out! up by the windmills and home via Kirkmichael.

  3. spokeclinic says:

    5 . Little glen shee
    4. Prosen (despite the wind)
    3. Highland Perthshire
    2. Inverness to Burrelton
    1. Round the river Tay

    Off Road
    5. Nope
    4. Nope
    3. Not yet
    2. Round Ballo
    1. Round Loch Ordie

  4. Road- 5- (99.8 miles, not 100 miles), round Loch Earn, 4-Kinross Sportive, 3- Etape Caledonia (not Pennines), 2- Glen Isla (any bit) 1- Prosen (either way)
    Off Road 5- Bucky Braes (ouch) 4- Halliburton going up, 3- Ballo going up, 2- Halliburton going down, 1- Ballo going down.
    Ps Haven’t made it up Loch Ordie yet so it might change some time soon!!!!

  5. Simon Evans says:

    In no order, as all good !!, Round the Tay
    Little Glenshee
    Prosen (and of course Glenisla)

    and any route that takes in scary town !!

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