I have been to the party…

Well, that was Ordie, as I wheezed and puffed my way to Loch Ordie, it occurred to me that it was probably about 18 years since I have dragged my carcass up there and in fact on to the Oisinneach lochan (that will be next week :-)). The difference between then and now apart from the years and extra weight was that the road surface is much better now. Even the rocky bit on the descent was better than I had remembered (or was that the suspension effect).
Anyway, back to today’s ride, Bill had a short one, due to his equipment failing him after just a few minutes of his ride. Actually, lets go further back than that. SPIKE! WHERE ARE YOUR SHOES! Yes AM blames his poor defenceless wee boy for being late! Late we set off, and are soon strung out along the track. Just beyond the first gate (regrouping point) Bills bike make a hellish metal giving up sort of sound twice. Bill, limps off home with his chain draped over his bars, and we grind on up the hill. There are a fair number of gates on this run. This works in my favour because it gives us the chance to regroup (well me the chance to catch up).

Ordie reached and circumnavigated (almost). There was a tiny wee detour that LK and I took. I blame Spike, he stood in front of the track we were supposed to take :-). (Spike claims he arrived after me … given the position of me most of the day, I doubt this very much :-)).
Heading for home now, LK heads off for Forneth and the 4 remaining riders head for the car park. The speed hump is looked on by different riders in different ways. Me, I roll over them, DB rolls over them too, AM attacks them, and Spike, he goes for AIR!
Tea and curry pie (with beans) and rockyroad (how appropriate), scoffed in Dunkeld…

Home now tired and happy!




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4 Responses to I have been to the party…

  1. David says:

    I was just not feeling right but enjoyed it as much as I could 🙂

  2. spokeclinic says:

    It must be December … It’s snowing on the blog!

  3. Alan says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed it, that’s Spike talking about his chicken and curry pie! Great place to cycle, even in the dark it is good fun, (honest) if anybody is up for it what about this Friday night? meet at Cally car park at 19.15pm. I am off so can go up earlier if that suits.
    P.S Sorry do not like the snow I keep thinking my eyes are seeing things!

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