Oh Ordie Me! 24/11

No skiting around on frozen roads today, it was a spot of MTB for John and I up and Loch Ordie. John led the way up the white frost tracks, these had plenty of grip. It was the ones further up where the water had been flowing across the track and now frozen that were interesting. The garmin became lost or at least it lost track of where its satellites were so stopped in a clear spot to admire the view and for the garmin to realise where it was. Past the farm with the turkey’s and chickens wandering about oblivious of their upcoming fate through another of the many gates and on up to Loch Ordie.

After a break to admire the view it was off around the loch. Due to it being freezing even the mud was frozen so going was good. But for the novice still “interesting” when getting stuck in a rut!

During autumn kids like kicking through the piles of fallen leaves. John introduced me to the MTB version, cycling across frozen puddles and cracking the layer of ice. Unlike last week the only squealing this week was the incessant noise from my brakes.

Earlier John had said that the great thing about Ordie is that once you get to the Loch it is all downhill back to the car. We’ll not the way he led me ๐Ÿ™‚ John led the way up rutted single tracks where the novices pedals were hitting on the top edge of the ruts he found himself stuck in. It was on this stretch we hit the uphill. Not really any steeper than what we had come up but just more “interesting” due to the ice and ruts. It was about now that I decided my saddle although set fine for the tracks was too high for this kind of stuff so down it went. It was also on the stretch that I wasn’t as relaxed on the bike as maybe I needed to be. Oh well all a learning experience. I was still grinning tho’! The low sun caused problems when we came upon a pack of hounds and their crisps (walkers) as we didn’t see them until late but all was negotiated without incident of barking from the crisps.
Back on the main track the speed increased towards the car park. Being the kids that we are 2 bike brakes got locked up and skidded to a halt at the car ๐Ÿ™‚ oh and the brakes had been worn clean by now and had stopped squealing!

I’ll be back.

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