Cold Toes and Squeaky Bums!

8am we rolled out of the village heading for Meigle, the main roads were damp and the air cold. The run was to include a fair amount of “off highlighter”. So with LK and I up front and AM and SE sheltering behind we cruised out to Longleys and take an unscheduled right to head for Newtyle. This road is a little bit untreated. Hey this is PKC and they don’t treat minor roads, like Angus does. Heading out of Newtyle my hill climbing prowess comes to the fore and I am almost at the back – a location that I will occupy for most of the run. With LK and AM squirting up the hill, I am pretty sure they don’t know where they are going.. First Left!… First Left… (First left is not a real road it’s a farm).. We take the actual first left road and head for the backside of The Kirkton or Auchterhouse. The road is a bit frosty. Onwards to Tealing and AM peels off down a closed road signposted Strathmartine trying to head home. He gets home with a few minutes to spare, but has had a number of MMT moments on the way. On looking at a map when he got home he discovered that we were one road further into the hills than he expected.
Anyway, Tealing, and there is the M90. LK says “heads down lets go for it” (crossing the M90). We don’t, we stop but it’s clear, and we cross the road on to the cycle/foot path. SE points out the Speckled Hen. This is a cyclists haunt for bacon rolls and tea. The temperature has dropped a bit. On the corner before Westhall Terrace, my back wheel steps out to remind me the road conditions are not what they appear. Westhall Terrace is like ScaryTown with a bad attitude. Following the road down, we are doing quite a bit of down now, we arrive at the back end of Broughty Ferry. Stopped outside the Occidental, LK admits to not being able to feel his feet. We decide that going to the train carriage for tea and bacon rolls is a better prospect than trawling The Ferry for somewhere that is open.
Arriving at the Train Carriage place (next to the airport) we eat in the carry out food. Setting off refuelled, we follow the cyclepath to Invergowrie. I am still getting dropped on every rise. After crossing the tracks we head for Longforgan. I get dropped again. SE and LK wait at the junction, I cycle past. Going to Knapp, the roundabouts are negotiated and up the Knapp road we run. There is a guy walking on the left as we approach, I go right , he goes right, I go more right, he goes more right, I pass with about 30cms to spare. I get dropped again. I had said while stuffing my face with a bacon roll, not to bother about me when on hills, I will go at my own pace. Jocks Brae next, I am in the lead up the first bit to where it levels off. LK goes past me like I am standing still (I pretty much was). We say our goodbyes at the top of the hill and SE and I set off for home.
You know you can’t do any anything without being spotted … 11:25 Woodside .. spotted going home!

I am not setting a run for next week due to there being a Christmas Market on the Green in Burrelton from 11am. Its lots of craft stuff, with home made soup, a hamper raffle and a Santa’s Grotto


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2 Responses to Cold Toes and Squeaky Bums!

  1. David says:

    Sounds like the usual Sunday Blast with extra helping of Squeaky Bum.

  2. Nic H says:

    Sounds like you had a good run and off highlighter too!
    I was tucked up in bed enjoying a cup of tea and birthday presents (and enduring a wee whisky hangover). But we did manage to haul ass up Glenshee for a bracing walk.

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