The ish in flatish is a warning to all

Cold crisp morning the sun was up but low on the horizon. The clear skies were a surprise. We headed of through the village on the main road all the way to Meigle. Lewis and I leading the merry band. The road to Kirrie was in to the wind, and I knew it, as I was dropped. Still, as there is only one person who knows where we were actually going. Right at Maryton, Well DB and I did… the whippets missed it. We headed for Rosewell. Now I have to confess that when i was about a mile down this road, i began to wonder if it was the right road. I had a vague feeling that this could be the dead end .. oh well .. I pressed on. the road lead back toward the Kirrie Forfar road, and just as I get there i take a right along another pothole ridden road that will ultimately lead us to the A94. About three quarters of the way along this wee road you can see the next rise, the one that tales you over to the douglastown road. I didn’t let on.
We cross the A94, and begin the climb, it is a mile long and quite unrelenting. Still Hills are there to be climbed.
The road to Eassie was fraught with challenging roads, mostly gravel and lots of it. I warned the group about the next descent. A decent 45mph achieved before deploying my body as a wind brake and pulling on the anchors to scrub off enough speed to allow me to negotiate the 90 degree right hander.
Scary town next. and true to form there was nobody there. Newtyle next where we regrouped, there had been a futile attempt to catch BP at the scary town 30’s that split the group wide open.
We drop down to Meigle for a scone and tea at the Joinery Cafe. BP forgets where the 30’s are here and is spent with 100 yds to go. SE pulls a sneaky one to claim the prize.
Fed and watered we head for home. DB is tired but happy. the flat route he was looking for never materialised.
Home now.
Next weeks run is up to you! I am not about for the next two weeks.


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One Response to The ish in flatish is a warning to all

  1. David says:

    I needed that. I’ve been more tiredish after some of Andrews previous routings but this time I was tired and happy. Its easy to see that we were on some real back roads not often cycled judging by me managing a top 5 on a Strava segment 🙂 Can we have the same weather next time please.

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