Lumps and bumps the understatement!

Small turn out today .. excuses excuses..

Simon I hope you did well in the Pennines.

I remember once saying to NH about how I would never go up Pitroddie again…
Ballo is never a good way to start, but hey ho.. it is there.. therefore it must be climbed. Climbed it was and then fatmentum took over and I cruised to 44mph on the way to Abernyte and then slowed to what felt like a dead stop getting to Kinnaird… along the carse and then … Today we climbed Pitrodie, me much slower than Blair and Lewis. The road was very dirty, and slick tyres don’t grip mud well. It was nice to see the farmer out with his tractor and brush cleaning the road after we had slipped up it.
Change of plan at the top of Pitroddie and we dodge Balthayock – my wee legs would not have handled it. we head down through into Scone and back along the Old Scone road.
Home now and the planning for next week is in hand 🙂


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One Response to Lumps and bumps the understatement!

  1. Simon Evans says:

    The Pennines were a killer……8 miles longer than last year, blowing a brisk wind to say the least, seemingly always head or side on, never following !!, and an extra 1500 feet of climbing, making 9500 in total. 6 and a half hours, but at least I finished, 80 didn’t !! See you sunday for something a wee bit flatter !!

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