East is East

Having had a quick squint at the weather forecast for Sunday, and deciding that if we have an east wind then east is the way forward… so, here is the suggested run ..

Start T and P at 8 am as usual and go over Ballo and along to Longforgan. Then down to the river and along to BroughtyFerry. From the Moniefieth road we go left to Claypotts Castle and then on wards past the Michelin Factory. Some of you may recognise this road so far, but rest assured we will be going off highligher. From the Kellas road, about mile 23 or 24 we hang a left and head for Newbigging, Tealing and Duntrune. Before we can get to Tealing we have the small matter of the A90 Dual Carriage way to cross. Once we walk across this serious artery, we head for Tealing, going past RAF Tealing (yeah who knew!). The next place we come across should be Kirkton of Auchterhouse. At KoA I want to take the Bonnyton Road which is a right turn just after we go left at the T (33 miles). This road joins the Newtyle Road some 2 miles closer to Newtyle. From here it is a straight forward run to Newtyle and on to Meigle or just home. The distance is 48 if you go to Meigle and 47 if you turn off towards Kettins from Newtyle. Tea stops could be Newbigging (if the place is still open and its a 1.5 mile detour from the prescribed route) or Meigle (if you go the extra mile)

In to the wind first eh!


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13 Responses to East is East

  1. spokeclinic says:

    All distances verified on GMap Pedometer and rounded by me!

  2. Will do some of the route with you, but have to be back for 9ish to shower to go to golf!!!!

  3. Simon Evans says:

    Sadly away this weekend. so can’t make it. The whippet that came out with us a wee while back came 25th in her age cat in the world triathlon championships down, all down to the blast she had with us !!

  4. Blair says:

    Sorry can’t make it, i have been roped into “The Beast Race” in Banchory this Sunday

  5. spokeclinic says:

    Ok.. don’t fancy doing this run on my own …so i am still heading off at 8 am but I am going to go into Perth and then out by Luncarty and Stanley to home

  6. Alan says:

    Sorry will not make Sunday, talking Michael to Dirt Crit (cycle competition) for 9.30. See you all soon.

  7. spokeclinic says:

    Nice run on Sunday. However, I was tharted in my “I am not cycling home into the wind” as Murthly to Home was indeed into the wind. 😦

    Where to next week, well that depends on how hungover I am on Saturday night at the Peru fundraiser in the village hall.

    • Sorry boys but wont be out on Sunday as have friends staying on Saturday night and think it’s a bit rude to disappear for 3-4 hours, all be it while they sleep for some of it!!!! Will be doing a Saturday morning run instead if anyone interested???

  8. Nic Holden says:

    I’ll be doing the CA cycle hub run on Sunday afternoon, so don’t think my wee legs will manage both!. Have got our page up now (still being built though) – never fear, have a link to your fine site 🙂
    (happily dominated by pics of my bike right now!!)

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