Sunday 1st Alternative

Sorry Nic but can’t do Sunday afternoon run, so here is a morning one for any like minded cyclist out there.  T & P for a 8am start up to Kirrie, Glen Prosen(the other way), wee stop for tea and scones at Kirrie and home, as usual no very sure how far it is but do know it’s no a easy one!!!!  If this is to tough or we have time limits then I am open to any suggestions as just like getting oot and aboot!!!

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8 Responses to Sunday 1st Alternative

  1. David says:

    Tough or easy i’ll no be there as have visitors staying. I’m already in the bad book for being back south next week while visitors are here! Cannae win.

  2. johngattwood says:

    Hi Bill, count Alan and I in for 8.00 start.0

  3. spokeclinic says:

    I will join you as far as Kirrie … wild horses could not drag my sorry a**e up those hills 🙂

  4. spokeclinic says:

    The Prosen route is a nice 55miles … enjoy!…

  5. Nic Holden says:

    No worries, enjoy Glen Prosen. Sounds lovely.
    (more cake in the afternoon for me then, hee hee!)

  6. Simon Evans says:

    Sadly can’t make it in the morning, but enjoy ! I actually did the route from home on Wednesday, 45 miles, and yes, a wee bit lumpy !! I’ll be there in the afternoon though.

  7. spokeclinic says:

    doing my own thing in the morning.. prob head off into the wind first.

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