The view from the back and the front and the middle!

The morning was bright and a wee bit windy. We set off and breezed effortlessly towards CA. BP, being hungover was drafting AM. AM dodges pothole, BP hits it, and again and again. So, it seems fitting that AM should stop and help mend BP’s punctured tyre. The rest of us Simon(SE2),Sarah and I keep going to meet up with NH. We wait for AM and BP. They arrive, BP shoots past, not realising that we were waiting.

I am on the front here with AM, heading over the aptly names metal bridge heading for Alyth. The first climb of the day and amazing thing is I am still on the front up through The Den Of Alyth. This does not last long. By the time we get to the Bamff turn off I am last.. this is pretty much where I will stay until we regroup at the windfarm. Don’t get me wrong now, I don’t mind being at the back on the hills. I was surprised at just how noisy the farm is.. no wait that was the blood hammering in my ears!

BP goes home the way we came.

AM’s corner is still a wild bit of road, we are all a bit cautious on this hill descent. We reach the main road and head for the Kirkmichael turn. Sarah heads home from the Kirky junction. We are now down to 4. Kirmichael was probably closed as we have reached here too early (I know this from experience).

Bowling along the road to Bridge of Cally, I claim a set of 30’s from AM (the second set of the day). The surprised look of the day goes to NH, as we turned left and not right at BoC! SE2 tries to claim th 30’s at BoC.

We take the Drimmie road home, described by me as “interesting”. NH said she knew what that meant. I will translate that into lumpy with tight corners… was she right?.

Home is straight forward from here. The wind is almost always across or behind us. Almost! Until the last 2 miles from CA when it is just blowing a hoolie in my chops and the elastic between Me, AM and SE2 breaks and I drop back like there is some unseen force holding me back..

48 miles at 15 miles an hour … quite happy really … Strava says I did something completely different. (looks like I took a tunnel and had no gps tracking).


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One Response to The view from the back and the front and the middle!

  1. Nic Holden says:

    Aye, the Drimmie road was ‘interesting’ enough, had me blowing hard up the hill! Really enjoyed the day though. And nice to get another lassie to join us, even if she was a national/European/international (?) standard triathlete!
    The other half gave me about an hour then ‘lets go up a wee hill, only a short loop’, he says. Yep, it was short and sweet, straight up the Birnam hill. Quads were not happy!

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