Nipple tweaking and free cake

Ya beauty. The sun was out and so were my arms for the first time this year.
No sooner were we off than we had to stop as John front wheel was making a noise. 1 loose nipple needed tweaking and I had the tool for the job. On our way but before Bankfoot the nipple needed further tweaking.

I began to think that John had been taking some navigation lessons from Alan. Instead of heading up the main road to Amulree We headed up a “no through” road and was assured it did go though to the road we needed. Ok I doubted it but it did although there was a nippy climb first. On wards and upwards with very few cars about.

Now, was the Amulree coffee shop open? The lights were on but the doors closed as we rolled into the car park. But our perfectly paced cycled had not been wasted, the doors opened and the Large Scones were fresh from the oven. It was still sunny and sitting outside the order of the day. The Glen Lyon roasted coffee was excellent. As we were relaxing mine host of the coffee shop came out and offered us 2 free cakes. The end slice of the Banana Loaf that they didn’t put on sale and a piece of lime and courgette cake that was a bit bashed as it had landed upside down on the plate. Who were we to refuse! It was only £4 each for tea and Scone.

Unfortunately the sun had gone and it was a bit chilly when we set off down the sma glen. Onwards to Buchanty and Glenalmond and it was my turn for noisy nipples in need of us stoping while I tweaked them. Bit of caution down by Dalcrue as it had recently been cheaply resurfaced with a spray of tar and tonnes of stone chips.

Cracking run and the weather held.

photo3 photo2 IMG_1155 photo1

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