I love my granny dearly

Only 3 at 8 this morning. Alan needs to be back sharp so we make a small change to a 56 mile route from the 64 one planned.
We went to Glen Prosen.
The route out via CA where we picked up Blair and cruise out towards Meigle. I am finding this a bit odd because Alan and I are on the front. Bill was sheltering, and didn’t want get us all drunk with the fumes from his monumental hangover. We turn at Meigle and go along the improbable 8 mile road. I went along this road yesterday and it was braw. Today, however its different. The workies have coated a couple of miles of the home bound side in their fix all squirt of tar and bucket of loose chippings.
Next we head for The Moon. The 30’s of Kirrie are on my radar, as I cycle along side Alan. I am waiting for Bill to squirt past. 5 yards to go, I stomp on the pedals and take the 30 by half a wheel – I hear Bill laughing! His hangover must be lifting. We see The Moon but don’t land. Coming out the top of Kirrie, I spot a road end “we will pop out there later”… not sure if they believed me. Heading towards Dykehead we reel in a couple of other cyclists. Always feels good to pass others.
We take a stop in Dykehead for a quick bite and drink. Nobody knows what is after this first left. The two cyclists we passed, go passed and strangely go towards Prosen. (popular destination)
Prosen, its a steady climb to start with, I get dropped. I don’t mind, I am happy to go at my own pace. The north side of Prosen is gently lumpy. I don’t see the pack for a while, but I do pass the other cyclists again. The first long descent has a sharp left where it goes over a little stone bridge and then climbs (bit like the hill after the ford at the Litle Glen Shee). I get to the top of this first stiff climb to find the others patiently waiting. I get my defense in first with “look you all have access and are all quite capable of picking the routes so dinnae complain”.. After this I then tell them there are more climbs (you know the sort, the ones marked with arrows on maps), and harder too on this saw tooth side of the glen. I usually try and avoid my wee ring on the triple, but today I used it again and again and again. Grannied! Despite this I am quickly dropped again, but being the routemaster (no not the bus), they wait at junctions and at the top of the biggest climbs to ensure they are going the right way.As they waited at a junction on I think the second last climb, a pimped Nissan Micra went past … I laughed at this same car as it went past me. Who on earth pimps Nissan Micras. It is a little disheartening when from the top of one hill, you can see the next climb snaking up the side of the next hell err hill.
We arrive back in Kirrie, yes at the road end where I said we would come out (nobody is more surprised than me). Visocchis? Blair says no, he wants to get back, but is over ruled. Alan, Bill and I pile down a little lane to Visocchi’s. Blair heads for home. Visocchi’s is closed. We set off for the 8 mile road. Blair joins us again after his cobble avoiding detour in Kirrie.(nobody told him you cant avoid the cobbles :-)) I have said already that its the home bound lane that is coated in those awful chippings. But, we could go back along that road and then cut over to the main road at Nevay just before the road surface changes.
Out of Kirrie we head down the hill to the 8 mile road, Alan and Blair are 30(ish) yards ahead, I shout a couple of times to go right. They don’t, but being a thrawn sort of person I do – because it was the specified route(?). Bill and I go along and turn for Nevay. I draft Bill on the main road all the way from there to Meigle. We watch for Alan and Blair at Meigle.
With tea supped and sustenance scoffed, we set off on the Ardler road for home.
Home now, Bill and I first compare cycle computers – he traveled further. We compared Strava, I went further … hmmm technology!


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8 Responses to I love my granny dearly

  1. David says:

    Sounds like a fun morning. Good to see Andrew sneaking a 30! However I’m glad that i saw sense and didnt try and join you as my lungs were just not up to even a gentle run today. Hopefully be back for next week.

  2. Great Run, loved it really fancy doing it again but in the other direction, will need to be a nice day though as you don’t want to be there when the weather is shite!!!!!

  3. Blair says:

    No surprises but there were 4 x Cat 5 climbs in that route…….Oh yeh! how did you get to Meigle so quickly?

    • spokeclinic says:

      Well you see… You went via Glamis (which is longer), Bill and I took the 8 mile road and turned off to go via Nevay. I then drafted Bill all the way along the main road at about 20mph (except where I started to get tired and my speed dropped to 18mph, then 15 at the smallest of rises)

      • David says:

        I know that slowing feeling on small lumps. You were probably knackered from sneaking that 30 off AM and then setting times on 2 more strava segments than BP 🙂

      • Blair says:

        Ha ha ha…….my satnav (Alan) was not calibrated

      • David says:

        It’s a right of passage with the spokeclinic to be led on a detour by Alan. Some or his shortcuts have even led is into back gardens Just look back through the blog and even his wife has tried to warn us 🙂

  4. spokeclinic says:

    Blair, Alan as a satnav is a dangerous game … never let him take you on a mystery tour either .. lol

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