June 09 – A wee run out to Clova

Start time 8am from T&P

The Route

Not really a lot more to say….Out the main road to Meigle turn left and then right and go along the 8 mile road to Kirrie out the top of Kirrie on the Golf Road and then roll up Glen Clova.

Because tea stops are important, I thought w could try the Clova Hotel. not only is it half way, but we get a great free wheel back down the glen afterwards. (failing that is Vissichi’s in Kirrie) Once we get back to Kirrie, I am thinking we take the Airley road and then the second left (about 49.3 miles) and go off highlighter back down to the improbable 8 mile road. This is really only to mess with the Strava Wh0res 🙂 From here its the usual run home via Meigle, Kettins and Campmuir etc etc.

Distance is a wee bit up on last week at 64 miles and climbs to a mere 850ft at 28 miles (from a 240ft start)


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4 Responses to June 09 – A wee run out to Clova

  1. I’m in with a hangover probably, will get rid of the cobwebs!!!!

  2. Nic Holden says:

    Have fun – sounds like a great run. I’m heading down to Lunan Bay with my mum (brought her touring bike). Should be nice and relaxing, although she has suggested going for a post-bike swim!

  3. Alan says:

    After spending today at M&Ds I may not be able for anything feeling my back! promised to be home for 12PM I think I may be on a promise or something (it is my birthday on Monday) so may have to get taxi home from Kirrie

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