The Sunny Silvery Tay – But no Scones!

Oh dilemmas. What to wear, short or long sleeves, soft shell or gilet! Yes the Sun was out and the chilly morning looked as if it was going to make way for a cracking day but would that be before during or after we finish our cycle.
Didn’t have long to wait for the Burrelton and Coupar Angus Peloton to roll into town and we carried on along towards the Harbour. Nic’s first trip there she said. The legs and lungs got a rude awakening on the friarton nippy climb to the main road!
Off out towards Abernethy and Blair headed on into deepest darkest Fife. Along the road we trundled admiring the golden beaches along the Tay. Just after you take the turn off at Newburgh there is a Strava segment called “Dave’s duelling Banjo’s” and didn’t even know I could play one let along duel with it.
Everything was going so well, the sun was out the roads were quiet and Dundee was still hidden. Then it was the Climb up to Hazelton walks. I was minding my own business following Andrew and listening to his outbursts of tourettes and get to the corner for our group to gather. Then the strange feeling starts, not one I’ve had for some time I get off the bike and the waves of nausea come over me. Deep lungs of air and sips of water resolve the issue. No idea what brought that on oh well it passed.
It passed just like Alan Nic and Andrew did for the turn off to Balmerino. That is after me saying before moving on that we turn to Balmerino! Andrew reckons he didn’t see the junction and Nic and Alan were just enjoying the cycle. It would be a great screaming downhill if it wasn’t for the road being R.A.F!
Some cracking houses in Wormit with great views (of Dundee).
Down the centre cycle path of the bridge we head and get a good view of last weeks high point then we get todays fun. Not sure what Strava will make of it but we had to use a Lift to get down from the bridge!
Disaster. The menu offered tea and fruit Scone so we ordered 3 and 1 coffee and scone. Sorry no scones today!!!!!!! Oh well others cakes will have to do instead. We sat outside, this was probably a good idea to start off but it got a bit chilly sitting there. The run to Longforgan level crossing was uneventful and there we split and said our goodbyes. Jocks Brae beckoned for the three and Balthyock loomed for me! If it wasn’t for the Car Booters at Errol the run along the carse would was been great. Unfortunately the car Booters decided to block the road and some manoeuvring between cars was required. I dutifully claimed all the unchallenged 30’s! The cycle path was not looked at alongside the main road, it was Balthyock for me! I got up further than the last time but still had to walk. Beaten again. I will be back! No Nutty mtb’ers to chase over Kinoull Hill and the run down was uneventful and I managed to stay upright around the lochie brae corner without having to resort to a snails pace! Result!
Atholl Street in Perth was closed between Kinoull Street and Methven Street so a meander through the town was required dodging more cars pulling out and blocking the cycle lane before the final slog up Glasgow road and the joy that is Oakbank Road!

Think I got some sun in my pasty legs judging by the red “tan” lines

More sunshine and no waves of nausea next week please.

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8 Responses to The Sunny Silvery Tay – But no Scones!

  1. spokeclinic says:

    Addendum: The Level Crossing to T&P. The only level bit of this was the crossing. Being a bit of a “fat boab” my climbing technique needs a lot of work. Right from the crossing I pull my not insignificant carcass up into Longforgan, catching the occasional glimpse of my cycling companions. Under the motorway and left, I am heading for Knapp (I wanted a nap) – now dont get me wrong I knew what was ahead of me, I just hadn’t considered how much of this was up hill. Anyway, I trundled on (trundle is not my favourite speed, but it seemed appropriate) pulling up past the sawmill I glimpse the other two again – they are stopped. I get to them (eventually). Jocks Brae or Littleton? hmmm, Jocks Bare its only a 7% hill and its short(ish)! Go, AM takes off in his usual style, NH hard on his wheel, but slowly being dropped. Me I have a great view of this as I drop the bike into granny gear and drag my screaming legs to the top. Getting to the top for me took about 7 minutes – ok there may have been a few seconds over that – alright alright about 50 seconds.
    Only North Balo stands between me and home now.
    Regrouped, we free wheel down in to the preBallo dip. I of course I am using “fatmentum” to help propel myself down this side and up the other. AM and NH are again waiting for me at the top.
    This run started with 5 riders and now we are three, but it will finish with only 2. I fly down Ballo, enjoyoing the 50mph wind blowing the sweat off my head through the vents in my helmet. No No I wasn’t doing 50 down the hill. No I was pedaling to get 35mph down the hill! We wave good bye to NH at campmuir and breeze back to T&P.
    Good run today, and none of it off highlighter either.

    • Nic Holden says:

      Great run, thoroughly enjoyed myself. Although legs were a little weary climbing back over North Ballo this morning. Opted for Littleton on the way home – still not convinced if its any easier…!
      (PS pics from the Cairngorms 1/2 tour on facebook)

  2. David says:

    Think i got the better deal on the last (wearie) leg home 🙂

  3. Well it was an eventful Sunday in a few ways, it started at 6.45am with the alarm going on my phone, which doesn’t sound strange (always wake before my alarm), but that meant a slight hangover from an surprise visit from Colin the Joiner for a cuppa which turned into a bottle and a half of rum (Ouch!!!) Out just about in time to watch the boys and girl roll of up the main road thinking I was heading in the other direction, but ahh I had changed my mind and was heading for Perth with the group, so set the strava and away I go, but the f**king thing wouldn’t go on, so 5 mins later and I get it going to now have to chaise down the pack (with a bloody hangover) catching them just out side Kinrossie. Then a quick explanation of what I was doing and I was heading of up and over Kinnoull Hill, pace okay and heading for the flat roads of the Carse of Gowrie, pace was high as a nice wee tailwind was pushing me along and a few pb’s for the strava. Trying a few gels instead of the bars I normally use, which I can report were doing the job as when they were consumed instant energy was gained, just they feel like drinking engine oil (or what I imagine engine oil to feel like). Still not sure of where I was heading just rolled down to Longforgan where I headed up Station Road and under the main road, but just fancied a new way home so headed for Fowlis and over the hill to Piperdam not going the way we had been before so a new road could be highlighted on the map. Home over Tully into a not so nice headwind (cant have it all), home and in the bath and now heading to Elie to play cricket on the beach, glorious sunshine all day and night, cricket was enjoyable apart from having to open the batting and bowling having not picked up a bat or turned my arm over in 5 years, slightly sore today so a recovery run is planned for tonight, so if anyone wants to join me they are welcome it will be a slow 20miles somewhere round about Burrelton.

    • spokeclinic says:

      Cycling … Fowlis to Piperdam has been done before 🙂 Twice I think.
      Cricket … Did you win?

      • No our team were crap but good fun none the less, last time we came in at Liff, this time came out on the Piperdam road, its the first time I have been over the road, its a good climb up from Fowlis!!! Think you may have done this a week I was no there!!!

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