June 2nd – The Tay The Tay The Silvery Tay!

Depart T&P at 07.15 and head into Perth and meet any Perthites at the South Inch Car Park.

Then head to Newburgh and Wormit and back across the Tay Bridge for a coffee stop (if required) overlooking the river. Then along to the Longforgan Level Crossing where the Burreltonites can head home via Knapp and the Perthite can head home via Balthayock!

For any that are unfamiliar with this route through fife there are National Cycle Route Signs for “Wormit & Tay Bridge” that we can follow. Then when we get to Wormit, keep following the “Tay Bridge” bike signs. They will direct you into a car park but this is to access the raised path down the middle of the bridge as cyclists are not allowed on the carriage way.


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5 Responses to June 2nd – The Tay The Tay The Silvery Tay!

  1. Alan says:

    Good for me, see you all then if not before. Must remember and restock with tubes!

  2. spokeclinic says:

    Good for me too. Well i don’t know if its actually good for me, given the length of time it has taken my legs to recover from last week 🙂

  3. David says:

    L’autobus at the back of the peleton will be going at it’s usual speed on Sunday with space for plenty to tag along 🙂

  4. To far away for me as I have to be back for 10.00am, so if anyone wants a shorter run will be leaving T&P at 7.15 and just cycling for about 2 hours, might do the TT route up to Glamis as I did it last night and the time will fit in quite well!!!!

  5. Blair says:

    Will join you for a portion of the route but will be turning off and heading into the East Neuk and Glenrothes

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