Misty misty misty

7am we set off into the mist. Its an easy roll out to CA. We stop at the roadworks, where BP drops his chain (no not the gold one he wears round his neck – the one that drives the bike). The lights go green and we leave him, thinking he had the chain on. I stop opposite Largan park as BP has still not materialised. AM goes back to look for him. Its just then out of the mist I can see the faint blue white light of the LED on the front of his bike being over shadowed by a 40 tonne articulated truck. BP looks really small. The truck passes, and we set off for our foray on to unhighlighted roads. BP has cut his fingers putting the chain on. Meigle is upon us quickly and the five ways too.. My heart is sinking at the thought of the first climb towards Glen Isla. This climb is just a wee bump really, but all the same I drop the bike into what could be best described as a crawler gear and crawl up it. We take the first left Dykehead of Dykeend, I forget which and start on the gentle climb to the first corner. There is woman on this road restraining two dogs, that look like they want to eat my pasty legs for breakfast. We say our hellos and get to the first corner. The climb to this first corner is on a road that could do with a bit of a sweep. You might have realised by now that I did not like what I saw as I got to that corner. The sight that greeted us was a small down hill followed by a dead straight climb. BP is going up it, his back wheel slipping if he stands on the pedals and the bars lifting if he stays seated. Hill conquered and guess what, another one just the same! I glance over to my right and see the gentle climb I did last week – why did I not just do that one – I will tell you why, my cycling is ruled a bit by the highlighter. And this road had no highlighter, now I know why.
We arrive at Dyke-whatever and BP heads for home, he was going to watch football or something. AM and I set off on the trek to Brewlands. This road climbs and climbs and climbs, into the mist, ’til about 18 miles. No wait its not misty here, it my glasses that have fogged up. The road surface changes from the pot holed crumbling surface (which I doubt will last another winter) to the smoothest tarmac. Was I dreaming? I don’t think so, we free wheeled the next 2 miles sweeping round the slick bends on this silky smooth road surface. As we approach Brewlands, I didn’t realise we were approaching it, a deer is bounding along parallel to me in the woods. Clearly the deer has been startled by my hi-viz jacket, flashing light and pasty legs, and is now looking as if it wants to cross the road.. I start shouting at it. It gets the message and stops. AM is ahead of me and over shoots the Black Lunans turn as I cry out “Left, left, Left”
21 miles in and the road is far more sh!t than the bit before the smooth road we have just enjoyed, we climb relentlessly for about 2 and a half miles. The climb, was not steep or particularly constant, but it was there. We crested the hill and admired the wee man made loch, with fish rising and drawing little rings on the surface. We keep going and pop out on to the Glen Shee Road.
Its at this point that AM decides he does not have time to go out to Kirkmichael and heads straight home. I on the other hand am looking forward to a pot of tea and a scone (or carrot cake).
On my own now I try to keep the pace up and tourette my way to Kirkmichael. Kirkmichael was closed. So, in defiance I stood outside the shop and ate my Alpen bar (other bars are available) and drank thirstily from my water bottle.
I set off for Bridge of Cally and then on to Blairgowrie. The road from BoC to Blairgowrie is a shocker, there is no road surface left, and my fillings were getting rattled loose.
Blairgowrie to home was uneventful, but quite swift. I saw a cycling club coming down the hill out of CA as I was going up. I hate it when the other cyclists are chatting and give a cheery hello and I can hardly speak. Through CA and I detoured round Campmuir to make sure the trip on the bike was over 50 and Starva recorded it as 50+ too.

Next weeks run is a flat 50+ run again and will be a 7am start.


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2 Responses to Misty misty misty

  1. David says:

    Wow, kinda happy i missed todays run. I did smile at you detouring to Kirkmichael only to find it closed 🙂

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