Sunday 12th May

Firstly, good luck to all those doing the Etape Caledonia this weekend.

Now, I am not setting a run for this Sunday as the weather looks a bit poor. If Its fine at 8am then I will be going  out to do a local (to T&P) 30 mile route. Something like Guildtown/St Martins/Balbeggie/Abernyte/Littleton.



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6 Responses to Sunday 12th May

  1. Nic Holden says:

    I’m planning a long (slow!) run on Sunday to rack up some miles. Something like this: Aylth – Glen Isla – Spittal of Glenshee – maybe back down to Kirkmichael for lunch, or is poor weather lunch at Bridge of Cally – home-ish. I know you may not all have enough time, but anyone is welcome to join me for whole/part route.

    • spokeclinic says:

      What time and where are you starting from … The run is a bit long for me at 65 miles .. so I will duck out at Bridge of Brewlands and head home.. makes it about 45 miles for me.

      • Blair says:

        Came by this morning but I may have been a wee bit early. Went back throught CA and met up with Nic. Stayed with her for a while and the left her at the foot of a large climb ha ha ha. Hope the wind wasn’t too bad on the way home Nic 🙂

  2. spokeclinic says: … this is Alyth and a bit of Glen Isla and then over to BlackLunans … Sorry Nic, you will just have to do the Spittle bit on your own .. this is 46 miles and believe it or not it goes off highlighter between Brewlands and BlackLunnans and then comes down the A93 … not sure if there will be any tea stop on this (Bunters anybody?) Aiming to leave T&P at 8am … 🙂

  3. spokeclinic says:

    I set off at 8, went via CA .. clearly too slow to catch or even see anybody else 🙂 I went up Glen Isla and turned off at Brewlands to head back on the the GlenShee Road at BlackLunans. I don’t know what hill you are talking about Blair!!! lol There are too many to choose from…

  4. Nic Holden says:

    Yep, quite a few climbs, but I’m sure even Blair broke sweat going up out of Aylth!

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