Where the wind blows!

8am start this morning, our slow growing band of enthusiastic cyclists set off in to the wind for the first time on the run up Whitelea road. A white BMW reverses out of its drive as we go past. A shout of “OI!” is heard from the lead two. The BMW roars past with the driver gesticulating and shouting obscenities at us – that’s ok though we have it on film. We pair up and cruise along dodging mud and potholes, providing a rolling windbreak for the followers. Down Bursie Brae at a speed that is not sensible or safe (48mph lol). The next section is fast along to Bridge of Isla(m) and then over Kinclaven. Murthly is upon is no time, we regroup! taking the mick out of our newest recruit saying that we had all had fantastic victoria sponge and tea while we waited. Next Caputh, the road forks BM starts to get a suitable gear to go right and climb the short sharpe rise, we went left. Dunkeld next, we regroup at Don McLeans pub (sic) and fuel up ready for the golf course hill. An odd conversation about Piranha 2D was had. Its the only significant hill on today’s run. We are off again pedaling with anticipation through the town. Bang, the hill is upon us! It didn’t appear as long or as hard as I had remembered – but I was still blowing out my @rse by the top (is this where wind comes from) NH baits BM to do the extra descent and climb from the top of the Hill… BM obliges, BP follows :-).

Heading now for Blairgowrie, the wind is blowing us along at a reasonable pace. I got passed by some old codger going up a hill at about 4km from Blairgowrie… the beggar had an electric bike. We regroup again in Blairgowie and split the pack for the rest of the run BP, DB and I are off to Meigle, the rest head for CA.

The road to New Alyth is lumpy but… omg it was fast, BP had is hand off the bars every few seconds waving at the ground telling me the road surface is a bit sh!t. The tailwindis helping me retain contact with BP and DB. Meigle was its usual excellent self, and even although its been a while since we visited, our order was taken from memory and delivered by one of the piranha cast (hee hee).

Full of fuel now and heading for home, the elastic that had been holding me to the back of our wee group finally broke as we came out of Ardler, I got dropped! Head down, and into the wind I pressed on for home., catching glimpses of my patient cycling group slowly becoming smaller and smaller. I didn’t mind, I was going at my own pace and cursing the wind. I call it tourettes cycling!

Home now, Strava updated!

Next week is the Caledonian Etape, and at least 3 of our number are doing this fab but challenging event. So, I will post a route later in the week to see who bites! Drive to Dunkeld and cycle to Logierait to cheer on the participants perhaps?


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1 Response to Where the wind blows!

  1. David says:

    Cracking day to be out and excellent company both old and new. The wind was effing awful from Meigle back to the safety of Burrelton. Tourettes Cycling is an appropriate description and we must have stronger elastic for next time. Oh and Strava, I’ve now realised the difference in accuracy between my old Garmin and Android and Apple Apps 🙂 Get over it Beange lol

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