Saturday/Sunday 20th/21st April

1.5 hour run on Saturday 20th in the morning.
Starting at T&P at 7am – yes seven in the morning.

The route: Creep up Ballo, struggle up Littleton, wheeze over Buttergask, toil over Collace, roll round towards Balbeggie but take the Kinrossie road instead and head back towards home. Home can be either down the main road giving it belters to improve on the Strava segment to the other end of Woodside … Not going for first place as some monster posted a KOM 36mph average … you know who you are 🙂 OR go back via the closed Whitelea road.

I will be sneaking out on Sunday morning for an hour at again .. you guessed it 7am .. its better than nothing honest. (Every mile counts ha ha ha)
I am not sure who is about on Sunday so you will have to suit yourselves 8am at T&P and not do Pitlochry. Why not try BP’s 18 mile time trial out to Meigle Via Newtyle and back. or do the Glamis run and come back via the “its only 8 miles road” – as somebody has kindly set up a Strava segment on that section (no not me).

Strava Whores beware!


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9 Responses to Saturday/Sunday 20th/21st April

  1. Sorry can’t manage Sat as taking photo’s at Stonehaven at 5am (must be mad), Sunday will be going with the Perth boys as need to do a longer run with the Kinross Sportive next Sat.

  2. Blair says:

    Would like to join you for Sunday, unable to do Saturday (running 15 miles), will see if Nic wants to come along – if that is OK with you?

  3. David says:

    John and I doing a Perth start on Sunday from Cherrybank (Low Road, Necissity Brae Junction) @ 8 and then over Dunning Glen. Anyone is welcome to Join us.

  4. spokeclinic says:

    Good to see new faces on this wee run… Hopefully we will see more in the coming weeks!

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