Mothers day take 2 (weather permitting)

The run for the Sunday following Mothering Sunday is as follows .. Up the main road to the Kinnochtry turn off and then over Collace. Going left after the quarry and down to Abernyte taking another left up past that wee church. Struggling up past Littleton to pop out at the top of Tully … Take a right on the main CWTFSA to Dundee road and go to Lundie (second turning) then down to Newtyle. At Newtyle take a right and go to Kirkinch. From Kirkinch you are going to Meigle for a scone! Home is the usual route past Belmont and Ardler etc etc.

Start time 8:30
Start location is the same as always.


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6 Responses to Mothers day take 2 (weather permitting)

  1. David says:

    Maybe. I’ll reserve judgement until Saturday after I have hopefully been out and down some hills to test if my bottle has been found again.

  2. I’m in unless it’s snowing again, which is a possibility, might have to duck out at some point as Rohan has a rugby match on the Inch, unless we change the route so we stop at Canto for our scone????

  3. David says:

    Chatting with Andrew so going to go with Bills alternative and head Murthly Waterloo Canto. BUT START AT 9

  4. spokeclinic says:

    Bill have you told Canto to double the scone order?

  5. spokeclinic says:

    We rolled away from T&P, I think on time, only 4 out of 6 participants today. Past the Village hall, AW peels off from the back and goes down station road the rest rumble on down to the end of the village. AW takes this opportunity to be at the front of the pack and going at his own snails pace for about a mile. Bridge of Islam next the lights were in our favour. Heading now for Kinclaven Bridge and a Vauxhall vectra sped past (I know it stretches the imagination), tripping the lights in our favour .
    We climb the hill, and BP goes past like i am parked. Maybe I was parked its hard to tell with the speed I climb hills. The run to Bankfoot is uneventful, until about 300m before the 30’s. 200m, all is quiet. 100m SE jumps past clearly on a mission to claim the 30’s. BP accelerates past pushing hard but is beaten. Heading now for Almondbank, the rain starts. Its like needles stabbing my face. Still, its nice being out! We don’t go to Almondbank we cross the A9 on a flyover and go in to Perth via Luncarty and the inch. BP had phoned ahead to Canto and placed the order for 6 scones. David you better get down there at get yours eaten… Mrs BP and one of his daughters (I forget which) turned up at Canto, when they should have been watching RP playing rugby. We pay up and leave soggy bum prints on the seats. SE, AM and I head for home in the still pissing rain. I feel like I am drowning, with the spray from the bike in front coming up the way and the rain drilling down the way. A song comes to mind “Here comes the rain again” I think its by Annie Lennox. Almost home now as we approach the village and our route back is closed. The signs at the end of the road say closed, but I know better as I took the risk on Friday and discovered that Scottish Water had done nothing over the last week to this closed road. We cruised down what was quite a busy road for one that is closed. We passed a a “Map ltd” van and a bloke in a fluorescent jacket measuring the road with one of those wheels on a stick – you would think they would have used GPS tech to do that or talk to the last cooncie worker that measured it before applying that coating of flints.
    Home now, showered and the fire set for a cosy afternoon snoozing in front of the fire.

    • David says:

      Sounds like the usual Sunday blast but with extra moistness. Sorry to have missed but woke at midnight feeling like I was being stabbed truth the head. Lesley assures me it was not her getting revenge for my snoring. This morning started fine then I woke up and head was only marginally better.
      I won’t be out the next 2 weekends as am away on holiday.

      Mrs B says that as I didn’t cycle I’m not allowed a Scone

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