Mothers Day on a bike!

The run for Mothering Sunday is as follows .. Up the main road to the Kinnochtry turn off and then over Collace. Going left after the quarry and down to Abernyte taking another left up past the wee church. Plootering up past Littleton to pop out at the top of Tully … Take a right on the mian CWTFSA to Dundee road and go to Lundie (second turning) then down to Newtyle. At Newtyle take a right and go to Kirkinch. From Kirkinch you are going to Meigle for a scone! Home is the usual route past Belmont and Ardler etc etc.

Start times 8:00 for AW 8:30 for every body else … this way AW will get to cycle on his own at the start of the run and not the end!

Start location is the same as always.


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3 Responses to Mothers Day on a bike!

  1. Day off todayso being a cracking day a little cycle was on the cards, so off i went with the route in mind, headed for Caputh with a run down to Dunkeld and back to Blairgowrie only to get to Caputh and find that the road to Dunkeld was shut (the words for f**k sake were muttered) so turn around and head for Meikleour, down to the bottom of Bursie and a sare climb to the top, then the thought hit me, why not head for Redstane crossroads and a wee crack at the Strava run down to the village, so off we go from a standing start at the crossroads and full pelt to the bottom of woodside, bit knackered when finished but a gid run all the same. When home uploaded the Strava time to find that to the 30 as you enter Burrelton 2nd place and to Woodside 1st equal so quite chuffed and that was on the old bike and a bit tired from Bursie so an improvement is on the cards.

  2. Will be out Sunday with a hangover, there is a couple of Strava climbs on the Sunday run, Collace and Littleton might have a crack if the legs feel up to it????

  3. spokeclinic says:

    Now before you get too excited about these climbs… I have some ballast for you to carry and a bungee cord to tie to your bike and mine 🙂

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