This weeks puncture repair session


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  1. spokeclinic says:

    Once upon a time there were six cyclists, who set off on a Sunday morning to complete a varied run. They first tackled NorthBallo, with all the usual enthusiasm and revisiting of breakfasts. The descent to Abernyte was a joy, slightly greasy roads which curtailed the usual chin on the bars lunacy. The road to Errol is a drag, flat, featureless and dangerous if you count the reckless car booters desperate to grab a bargain. Glencarse next, where everybody said they had stopped for a pint. However, i just have to take their word for it, as I arrived too late. (delayed by a spot of helmet fettling). The mood was surprisingly upbeat as we all knew what was coming next. Washer House Brae. WHB is a bit of a monster, The pack fractured again. Well it was more blown to pieces. By the time I got to the top, four riders ahead of me were just specks on the horizon. Still I careered on over the undulating ground. i was forced to a halt on Corsie Hill, due to all the air being expelled from my back tyre. I fixed this inconvenience (see picture) and set off down the hill. I realised the telemetry for my journey was lost, because (see picture) my wee computer was on the ground having its buttons pushed by some grass.. Clever grass zeroed the run. Still, Strava may save the day. I followed DB at an ever growing distance, as I struggled to unto the grass damage. The I heard it, the unmistakable grind and thud of somebody trying to break the raod surface. DB is sprawled across the road, his orange jacket looking more like a DUFC strip. And his “these are my new longs – never been worn before” are more sieve like haven taken the brunt of the friction used to bring him to a stop. The descent to Canto was slow, DB’s confidence in his bike and the road surface having literally taken a bashing. rewinding slightly here to DB lying on the road. There were two gentlemen standing near the corner looking at DB as he lay there. Did they move to help, did they buggery. I am sure they didn’t even remove the fags from the corners of their mouths.
    Canto, scones, tea, bliss. – and a wee catchup on why DB and I had taken soooo long. DB and SE set off for their homes – they had cycled out to the start point this morning. I set off for Guildtown, trailing the usual whippets.. oh and a new recruit N?
    We regrouped at BP’s where bike bits were discussed.

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