Ski w@nkers and ice flows

I got up this morning and headed for the garage, to do a wee while on the turbo. But when I poked my head out the door I thought this is quite nice out here and I can see the tarmac. Like a tortoise I pulled my head back inside and got ready for the last cycle of January.
Wrapped up I set off up the Whitelea road quite slowly (my whole run was quite slow) and crossed many raging torrents of snow melt (some even have ice bergs drifting across the road). The wind was in my chops all the way out the road, shaking snow from the trees, and blowing the rain like needles into the only exposed skin on my face. I watched the skies in all its fifty shades of grey, all the way to Guildton. On this first leg I never saw another vehicle. The A93 was however a different story… this road was full of Ski Wankers all trying to get to the slopes before the rain washes it all away. Now I know I am tarring all skiers with the same brush, but you do need to drop below 60 to take some of the bends on that road especially if there is a well lit cyclist in his fluorescent jacket going in your direction trying not to cycle in the gutters and ice flows. But I forget all drivers on that road can see round corners.
On the final leg of the route, there is snow/slush down the centre of the road, I am very aware of this as was the on comming car – who didn’t put a wheel into this slush until they were opposite me … I can only assume that they were a ski wanker and thought this a funny thing to do to a cyclist.
Home now, showered and thawed 🙂

Wonder if there are ingredients in the cupboards to make scones..


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One Response to Ski w@nkers and ice flows

  1. David says:

    Like you I did venture to the garage and the turbo. I should have gone cycling too but the thought of moving cars and other bikes plus swapping a wheel before getting out made me just continue and throw my leg over and use the turbo. At least there were no ski wankers in my garage. They will have been waiting all year on the A93 just to get you 🙂

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