Happy New Year – and the first run is…

Sunday 6th January
9am from T&P
Its a 32 mile route on familiar roads (almost) šŸ™‚

Here to Newtyle to Glamis to not quite the end of the 8 mile road and on to Meigle and then home…wanna see it..

Click here

See you all then!



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7 Responses to Happy New Year – and the first run is…

  1. David says:

    Is 4759 a secret code?

  2. Working but will be there if I can!!!

  3. spokeclinic says:

    Well thats the first run of the year over with! Not much happened really, some racing for the limit signs (I being tail end charlie got none) Linross was a welcome smooth tarmaced road leading to the unending 8 mile road (apart from the bit where it goes through a farm).. Bill went for the limits at Meigle, 5 miles early, nobody contested them.
    Tea break: up to its usual standard, the owner even left out some tools in case we needed Jeeves to do some running repairs.
    Last leg home, Dave tried to sneak the limits at Ardler, The key word here was tried.. despite my running interference. There are no limit signs at Ketting… lol yes there are. With John and Bill neck and neck going for the Woodside limits, so Alan took a shortcut.. but alas the short cut was not short enough.. the end

    Bike washed down and put to bed for another week… I will devise another 30+ mile run for next week starting at 9 from the usual place



  4. Bill says:

    Great morning for the time of year, really enjoyed it today and the added sprint’s for the 30mph sign were a good laugh, bring on next weekend and lets hope for some of the same weather.

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